Sketchbook Thread of Nitin Vinod K - 2D/3D


I am totally inspired by all the great artists here in CGTalk and most of what i have learnt today about Art and CG is mainly from CGTalk by observing the works of other artists and reading the tips and suggestions shared by them… i am thankful to all those artists who are very kind to share their tips and suggestions with others

This Sketchbook Thread for me is going to be like a personal journey towards becoming an Artist with all the Creative Freedom that will help me bring my imaginations to existence…

****** Nitin Vinod K ******


I will post the copy of my latest updates here in this post that, just planning ahead… :slight_smile:


This is my first attempt to sculpt using ZBrush… i sculpted this to participate in the SCULPTING OLD AGE Workshop started by Magdalena Dadela… after seeing some of the sculpting works in the Old Age Sculpting thread, i am very much inspired to do more sculpting… i will post more works soon as i explore and learn more… thanks to all

Thanks to Anand P.G and Sriram for motivating and guiding me… you guys are sooo inspiring:bowdown:


namnocilis - great start and welcome to the forum! It is indeed a great place to learn :thumbsup: Looking forward to more from ya!


Hey Nitin!! You came to the right place, buddy!!:thumbsup: Hope you enjoy the journey ahead and learn some valuable things, while sharing with others here what you have!! Looking forward to great work from you, mate!!


Hey Nitin…welcome aboard…!!!..thats a nice head…r u going to make him even more older!!!..

hope to see some more works from u…!!!


Updates, please!:wise:


hey nithin nice start…waitng for updates…


Thanks Magdalena, Anand, Dhruvsm and Arun for the encouragement…
i will post some updates soon…:slight_smile:

These days, i only get time during weekends for my personal works, i will try to post some updates atleast once in a week and since i am using AMD 1.8 GHZ with 512 mb RAM,
the system becomes very slow as it reaches 500,000 Polygons… hence i will have to plan my learning process accordingly…:slight_smile:


bought a pen tablet… and enjoying in photoshop, here is my attempt to sketch a girl portrait…


Hey Nitin!.. good start, man!.. I like your hatching…!
critique: I think you are having a bit of a problem with the vertical alignment of nose/mouth/chin. I would suggest that you flip the image horizontally quite often while you paint to prevent your eyes from getting used to the image and accepting any distortion as normal.


The concept is about Ashoka The Great… the invincible emperor returns with great powers to conquer the new worlds… establishing his Four Lions as the symbol of Ashoka’s rule over the four directions…

Just playing around in photoshop :slight_smile:


Hey Nitin! good start on the painting… I think you need to work on the composition… did you intentionally place the key elements of the painting where they are right now, or did you just randomly spread them about?

I wonder what kind of Ashoka you read about!!! I thought he tried to spread the word of Buddha around the world… From the painting, I get the impression that you are trying to make him out to be an evil force bent upon destroying the world!! Or else, did you mean the war-crazy Ashoka before he turned Buddhist? In that case, the four lions don’t figure!


i totally agree with the fact that ashoka spread the words of buddha and peace, i am not doubting his character or trying to change the fact…

this is just my imagination that the ashoka after his death… ascended to a new state with supernatural powers but the powers were so incredible that he slowly became addictive… and then the Dharm Ashoka slowly began to transform back into to a brutal emperor which he was once earlier, then known as the Chand Ashoka. Only that this time he is unstoppable with his great powers and wants to conquer the whole universe…


This is the continuation of my Ashoka concept… Necromancer who challenges the invincible Ashoka with his sorcery and witchcraft… we can hear the drums of war begin to roll and thunder…


Hi nice works.
I have some critiques about your last work, I hope they are helpful:

I think the head is too small, or the torso too long.
The staf seems to be goig trough his hands, as the shaft is so large, his hand should be more opened around it.
His arm also seems to be going down in a too steep angle, so it seems to “attach” to the body lower than it should.

A suggestion, use a photo, with a digital camara is very easy to get reference by putting yourself in that position.



thanks for the crits voraz, its very helpful… i will work on those areas :slight_smile:


it’s been a while since i touched zbrush… thought i will upgrade my system RAM and then sculpt, but realised that my motherboard doesn’t support upgrades… :sad: so now i will have to wait even more to buy a new system :cry:… it’s better that i sculpt something than nothing… here are some doodles…:slight_smile:



waiting for comments…


just trying to sculpt a full body…



waiting for comments…


Hey man, looking good… I always find it easier to put in some proxy spheres for eyes when sculpting faces… It makes it easier to work on the area surrounding the eyes, which in turn helps develop the rest of the face :slight_smile: