Sketchbook Thread of mv


Hello folks.
I need to practice anatomy. So here we are.
Crit me to death.

Some Louvre museum drawings of sculptures. I go there twice a week (at least I try to), so there will be more.


m@, nice to see you here. Nice values on those; I’m realy liking the second one. The pose studies look good, too.

Curious, though: what’s with the crazy black shadow thing under the first statue’s right eye? The edge looks kind of straight to have been cast by the locks of hair.


Hi…MV // Mathias…WOW…some people have all the luck…LOUVE twice a week…:slight_smile:

Those are some really nice drawings, and studies…REALLY looking forward to seeing more…:thumbsup:



LoTeKK : hehe yes, I’m there… CGTalk is home! the crazy black shadow is actually cast by the eye! yeah, some crazy mulitple sources of light lighting was going on that sculptuer. It was rather small, And with many spots.

SpiritDreamer : thanks man. Yeah, Paris is a fabulous city :slight_smile:


Ah, I get ya. Yeah, museum lighting can sometimes play havoc on those cast shadows. :slight_smile: And I’m gonna second Spirit Dreamer’s envy. Louvre twice a week… awesome. :slight_smile:


I see the envy of Teck and Glenn, and raise them one GAHHHH!!! Matt, you are sooo lucky!!! :scream: :thumbsup:

It’s great to see your thread, and wow, traditional studies! :thumbsup: Great to see that as well. :slight_smile:
In terms of pencil shading, you should definitely check out the first few posts of Erich Schreiner’s thread:

Anatomy Thread of Erich Schreiner

He has lovely technique, though obviously it’s quite different vs. sitting in front of a real statue.

Mainly what these need is more of a sense of structure, and division in terms of planes…the hands I think could use a bit more of a blocky structure on top of which you might add curves to give a sense of their grace. Really lovely work on the second to last image of the back, I really like the sense of power in the musculature which you can detect. I think you’re starting to get some really nice linework around the upper right shoulder and arm, but a few of the forearm curves get a bit sharp. Really try to play those opposing curves against one another, all the way througout the body.

Awesome to see your thread, and I can’t wait to see more!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Woo Rebecca thanks for those advices and crit, just what I need. I’ll post more often sure.


Awesome, Matt! Woo, time for a snack! :smiley:

No seriously, I really ought to try to hit the museums more often…I use the excuse that they are far away. :smiley: But I truly love to do master copies, and it’s rare that I’ve done one from the real deal ~ mostly from books. I’ll have to try this ‘analog’ approach of which you speak. :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



/fetching log and watches for a bear

yeah, from life is so cool compared to books! you just have to bear the people passing by and looking over your shoulder.

But hey since I’m going to the Louvre again in a few hours, what would you suggest as a good starting point to a relatively “detailed” drawing.

First overall proportions, then “blocky” planes, then silhouette, then shading? or what.

Thanks again~~ you’ll have some kimchi if you answer promptly!


LMAO cheeky aren’t we? :scream:

Anthony Ryder details a great approach in his book which we are using in the Workshop:

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing: A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition (Paperback)

I think it’s worth buying. :slight_smile:

He basically starts with an envelope of the entire form, which is sort of like thinking of all of the outermost points of the figure as stars in a constellation, which he then connects with lines for a basic ‘envelope’ of the form ~ for a person sitting, you’d get sort of an iceberg kind of look initially.

The next step is to sort of break down the smaller forms, but still in an angular, blocky fashion. Basically, you want to continue to refine these continually smaller blocky steps until you end up with curves that are made up of tiny angles. Here’s a quickie demo ~ please send kimchi. :slight_smile:

[left]Cheers, :wink:





Wonderful stuff, I love the tone and the moods in these drawings, I’m going to subcribe to this thread and I hope to see more work soon. :slight_smile:

Reminds me also, I need to take a visit to my local Art Gallery, I’m going with my Grandad to the Tate Modern next week too.




Jack : thanks

Rebecca : you deserve it !

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try that tech today.


LMAO, thanks! :scream:

Have fun at the Louvre. :slight_smile:


I’ll try :slight_smile:

Oh, almost forgot to post this. Intended to post it at the same time as my Louvre stuff. That was already 1 month ago. Damn how time flies.

Study, reffed off a magazine ad. Didn’t even finish the hair, lazy me.


Hmmmm is this the one and only m@ or did you change your id to mv now? No wonder I could not find anymore m@ work in the speed painting thread because you changed your name. Wow! Real nice portrait! I am tempted to make that painting my wallpaper:buttrock: Lol I never seen to finish the hair on my paintings also. It is something about doing every strand that makes painting hair unenjoyable at times. Keep the paintings rolling!


Wow mv! Wish I could do that, texture is awesome.



Gasp Now there is the mv formerly m@ now Matt we know and love. :slight_smile: Really amazing painting, one of these days we are going to get a video tutorial out of you! :smiley:

Garr, have been a little absentee today, as I got into a nice car accident…no one injured, and it was my fault, I rear~ended the car in front of me…but garr! Now I have to have the hood of my car replaced and likely the bumper. Sorry to rant a little bit on your thread, Matt…:smiley: but anyhoo, carry on! :slight_smile:

Off to dinner now, I need a marghuerita! But of course, I’m not driving, that I’ll leave up to sober friends. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:

~Rk garr!!! :smiley:


Rebecca : whoa, good to hear it’s all right (for the humans… too bad for the car :confused: ). Thanks for your comment. and your tips were a bit useful for my Louvre session this evening, but I quickly went bad to my own habits :confused:

Have a nice evening / dinner / drinking!

pushav : thanks. Yeah I kinda let the painting before the end : / I might finish it one day tho.

Jask Shannon thanks


Ha, thanks Matt. :slight_smile: I’m feeling much better now, heh! Hey, let’s see your cool Louvre drawings! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Awesome thread mv, can’t wait for more :thumbsup: