Sketchbook Thread of Michael-Olszak



very strong work here in the last posts! (particularly the colored works!) :smiley: :thumbsup:

and i like those little gestures in #132 i think these are great! :slight_smile:

why the hell does everybody visit life classes … here near rastatt there arent any life classes (i do not know any that is)
i think that i have to ask some friends when i have more time again
but i want to do life drawings as well… YOURS are great! :slight_smile:

u work a lot, very great process!



Eiki - thanks a lot. i know what you mean about the life drawing. there aren’t any calsses/ sessions near where i live either. most of my studies are from photos :frowning:

Ok, it’s been a while, here’s some new stuff i’ve done over the last few months.


And some more


and more stuff


and some more stuff :smiley:


even more stuff


more, more, more :smiley:


yes, there is more :smiley:


last ones here. Hope your like and enjoy :smiley:


Hai michael, i like your beautiful thread! really nice sketches! inspirational!:slight_smile:


ratheesh300 - thanks a lot.

some quick ones.


wow man,

It is incredible ! Your sketchbook is so nice !

Long time we don’t talk, sorry, I’m finally getting rid off business life a little bit, finally updated my sketchbook btw.

I like the way you did, by shooting the sketchbooks with a camera (is that right ? it seems so), it looks much better than we scan, graphite specially reflects a lot with the scanner and it never shows me the right values.

You have an amazing artwork, really, keep in touch, will follow up better your work.



Djampa - hey man :smiley: yeah it has been a long time. I’ll try to check with your sb as often as possible. Just keep working and posting man :smiley:

Ok, here’s some more stuff.



some more stuff


Love the output! Would be great to see some of the sketches painted up. :slight_smile:


Are the concepts made from your imagination? Nice! :slight_smile:

I especially like the house and the afro-hair girl. Her face is so…alive!


Rebeccak - Hey Rebecca, nice to hear from you. Yeah i know, i’ll try to work some of them out. Have to do more digital painting anyway… :smiley:

ForzaInter - yeah man, most of them are. some are studies from photo’s but all the creatures, and such are from imagination.

Hey just to let anyone know. I won’t be posting in this thread anymore. I have a new sb, the link is below.



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