Sketchbook Thread of Mark Kesling


I just finished a wonderful class with Rebecca and wanted to post some of my work here.


Can’t wait! Arrr! Avast ye scurvy dog!:smiley:


But where has he gone? I’ve made him walk the plank, I have!! ARRRR!!! :smiley:


I survived the Crocs you ol’ captain to live and post again!!! :bounce:

Here be one from Week one. Oooh he rhymes!!!


Here be another from ye ol’ week one, son!


Here is a general sketch I did in a live modeling class.


This is a second that I did in the same class a week later.


Oops! Forgot the file. :wip: This icon reminds me of Rebecca for some reason.


And…here’s a third from week one as well.


I found this picture in my pirate’s booty. :love:


Here are some from the second week of Captain Rebecca’s class.


Here be a posterior view.


A fine set of work this be, worthy of the best buccaneer.


Someone’s gotta die. And it ain’t gonna be the Korean. :stuck_out_tongue:



I think it would be great if you uploaded your images to an image hosting site like, and then posted the links into that little yellow sun/mountain picture icon in the Edit Post text editor. :slight_smile: That way, no one has to click the thumbnails to see your beautiful with the exception of that one image that shall not be named images. :slight_smile:

As you may well know, photobucket is free, and will certainly provide you with enough free space to host your images. :slight_smile:


~Cap’n R :smiley:


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