Sketchbook Thread of Mal-1.


I have done this figure study with the thought of reproducing it in oils.
It is unfinished, but I just concentrated on the areas I felt were important, the head, torso and arms…Painter IX.


Hi Mark,

Good to see your work. :slight_smile: With respect to the OFDW piece, I think it’s great to see your new piece progressing. Would love to see you develop the tonal shifts quite a bit further and to really see more depth in the area of the turban and more richness to the pelt. Really liking the feeling of light in your figurative piece ~ I think the right hand feels small, and the head is placed perhaps a bit too far to the viewer’s left.

Looking forward to seeing these pieces develop further! :slight_smile:




Thanks Rebecca.

Another little demo: WIP.

Nicolai Fechin: “Eya”

I’m not going for the original palette, just limiting myself to a simplified one.
Thanks for looking


Latest updates:


Nice to see this progression! :slight_smile: I think that a texture added to the background might actually add a lot. :slight_smile:




Thanks once again Rebecca…really good of you to keep taking time out to look and post, I really appreciate it.

I think I’m about done with this, I have got what I wanted out of it and don’t really want to overwork it.


Hi Mark, am subscribing to your thread. So happy to see you here.


Thanks QS…nice to be here. Thanks to you and Krispee for pointing me this way.:thumbsup:

OFDW18…Work In Progress.

Velazquez: “The Dwarf Francisco Lezcano”


Last update for tonight, time for bed.



Great to see you taking on the dwarf! This is actually one of my favorite pieces amongst the current selection, I just love the warmth of Velazquez’s tones. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your progress! :slight_smile:




I think this is going to take a long time to complete.

The latest update:


Ok I have come to the realisation that the face is way of on this and that my actual canvas size is too small, so I have scrapped it.

Instead I thought I’d do a study of the face instead, so this is what I did…keeping it loose and hopefully giving a slight alla prima feel to it.


One final image to upload:


lovely stroke and color… nice work…


Thanks Sturmkim.:thumbsup:


Ok on to the next, just sticking with a head study…


nice step by step pictures.
Maybe you can push the dwarve a bit further, its really great! Some area’s need more work, for example the area right under the nose. And theres a weird bright spot left of the left eye.
keep it going!


Thanks Cynaid, but I’ve had enough of that little guy…that was a toughie!!!:scream:

Latest update:


I gave it another go…


After doing the drawing above I tried to ressurrect the previous study…don’t think I did but this is the result…