Sketchbook Thread of Mal-1.


Thought it about time I created one of these.
In this first post you should recognise a few Master studies, some from the OFDW’s and other from my own personal choices.
We have in this first post some digital work and a head study in oils.
Thanks for looking.:thumbsup:


Wow, very nice portraits! Trully, awesome. I like the colors from the second from the bottom. Looks good and asks to be finished :thumbsup:


Thanks Razz, yeah that portrait may get revisited and completed. Thanks for dropping by and looking.

Here is a quick little doodle from the current OFDW…the Pelt Merchant:


Great studies! is the one below a rembrandt copy?


great thread! nice loose copies.
can I see some of your sketches?
gonna keep an eye on this one!


hey Mark, got yourself an anatomy thread then, i know ive seen these but thought id post and say hi and great work…keep it up…



Thanks Fl3wk…
It’s a Sorolla copy, from the recent OFDW.

Thanks Kris for dropping by…
Cyanid I’ll try and get some sketches up for you.


Zorn copy:

Some figure studies:

Some sketch book work for cyanid…


Some Artrage sketches:


Wow, astonishing. I love the paintings. Are these old work from you? How much you do in a day?


Thanks Razz, try to do at least one painting a day if time allows, the artrage sketches are from last year.

Another master copy from the OFDW…
So far spent about 1.5hrs on this, doing a lot of blending, which is not really my style, but which I think is achieving the right look.




Hi… Mal-1 // Mark
Really nice drawings…like the ones right above the new painting that you just started…colored backgrounds… guy with the hat is great. Also like your paintings and the style of brushwork your using…:thumbsup:


Thanks Glenn, I appreciate you dropping by and taking the time to comment.:thumbsup:



Fantastic to see your thread go up! I have just gotten back into town and will reply more in depth later. For the time being it’s great to see your works, and I hope to see much more here in the future! :slight_smile:




Thanks Rebecca.


Latest Update:


he really got the attitude/expression that is in the original painting!
great work! push it further!


I’m pushing, I’m pushing!!:eek:
Thanks Cyanid, for dropping by.:slight_smile:


Ok guys here it is the finished piece…thanks for looking and commenting.