Sketchbook Thread of Lyneran


yikes! this is going to be embarassing, and i might end up hating myself for doing this, but if there’s a small chance something might help me improve even a little bit, then i’m gonna give it a go. i see how other people are improving immensely because of their own threads and the workshops and sketchathons so… here goes nothing. :shrug:

ok first off, a bit of bg. i’m a beginner. i didn’t draw at all as a child because i thought people can only be artists if they’re born with a natural knack for drawing. i never thought drawing was a skill that can be learned. grr one of my biggest regrets… :rolleyes: i only realized this a little over a year ago, and started learning from online tutorials, books and forums. i’m hoping to take up multimedia arts next year. so basically, i don’t have natural talent in art, no bg of formal art education at all, and i started doodling and teaching myself a bit too late i think, but i’m very passionate and determined about this so i’ll work my butt off if that’s what it’ll take to shove these anatomy lessons into my noodles. :scream:

btw, i’ve been lurking around cgtalk for awhile, but participated only recently in the betty edwards exercises. i finished the exercises (which are great for starting out btw!) but didn’t get the chance to post anymore. now for the next step, i’ve started studying anatomy. i visit the threads in this corner of cgtalk the most and i’m really inspired by ALL the hardworking people here. :thumbsup:

c&c would be most appreciated! tear my work apart and dissect it part by part if you must, you’re most welcome to. :slight_smile:



ok, starting out… here’s what i’ve done so far. i’m trying my best to analyze what i’m drawing and not just copying them like what slux said in his thread. thanks slux!

i try to sketch everyday even if for just a bit. here are just two drawings i made today (referenced from photosets courtesy of hong ly). btw, i use a4 paper and clutch pencils. too gray right? i’ll try to improve my tones by using softer pencils next time. should i work bigger? i’m having trouble working on her face because it’s so small.



i made 1 drawing referenced from hong ly’s photosets, and a skull drawing that seems too long. grr… i wish i noticed these things while i’m drawing and not after. now it’s mocking me. this wasn’t a very good day for me.

[left]i got the skull ref image from here.



i made a copy of a master’s work and some ballpoint pen gestures. err, do gestures from the tv count? i was going to do gestures from life but people from my country become suspicious of strangers looking at them. i think people thought i was making fun of them or planning something funny. i’ll try to make neater gesture sketches next time.



after michelangelo. arrrgh the head is wrong, now why didn't i notice that before. rats..


i got sick today because of the changing weather here. i started drawing from a ref picture but my cold forced me to stop working on it. i never even got around to adding toes to the foot.


my work looks as bad as i feel right now, possibly even worse. but! one big thing i did for my anatomy studies today is start my own anatomy thread :slight_smile: anyway, the day’s not over yet, if i feel a bit better later i’m gonna do some head studies from loomis’ books before i sleep. i’m in danger of being kicked by myself if i waste this day.

also, we're preparing for the holiday celebrations of course. :) wheeee!! i'll give myself a break for the holidays. but after that no more slacking off, and i hope to exert more effort in my studies.. 

ok that's it for now. bye guys!

i managed to do some loomis head studies before sleeping last night, but i see plenty of mistakes now so i’m gonna do more studies of these.

[left] -Lye-[/left]



Hey, I’m thrilled you’ve created your own Anatomy Thread! :slight_smile: I can’t take a look at your work at the moment, but will definitely do so later on. :slight_smile:

Great to have you aboard, and I’m happy that you’ve been inspired by all of the wonderful and hard~working artists around here! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your progress! :thumbsup:





Ok, finally have a chance to really look at and consider your studies. So far, I would say that you are doing a terrific job! I think creating your own Anatomy Thread is the perfect and logical next step in learning about figurative drawing and painting ~ and so far, it looks as though you are making a committed and careful study of the figure, which I think is fantastic! :slight_smile:

Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning. And it’s important to think about the fact that most of learning how to draw ~ or learning how to do anything ~ is, for most of us, 90% hard work. It’s not to deny that there are some with natural ability ~ but I have heard time and again over the course of my artistic development, from professors, employers, etc., that they would rather see someone with less talent but with a greater work ethic, than a talented person with a poor work ethic. Drive is everything, and can make up for and overtake talent. So do not overestimate talent. It’s not necessarily on the side of the person who has it. :wink:

Having said that, I think that you do have talent, and I have no doubt that if you continue to steadily work on your drawings, you will see significant improvement in your work. :slight_smile: Take things at your own pace, and absorb everything as you go. There’s no rush to the finish line, as really, you will be learning throughout your life. Definitely enjoy the process. You mention Slux ~ he’s a really great example of someone who is definitely enjoying his studies ~ I really like how he’s making notes about what he is thinking about as he is doing his drawings. You may or may not wish to do something similar ~ writing, at least for me, helps to cement certain concepts in my brain, and so the combination of doing various drawing exercises, + noting your thoughts about them, may prove to be helpful.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:




I’am glad you find my “advices” usefull and also that someone actually reads it :smiley:

Nice start I think you are on the right track - I’am in similar position as you, no formal training and I have started quite late - when I was 20 ehmmm and I’am still 20 :smiley:
But no worry I think if you work every day you will get wherever you wish end up

what I find usefull is to work inside-out … bones -> muscles -> and whole model
Its much easier to analyse model if you know your anatomy well … because there is so many things that you won’t notice until you start to look for them …
but anyway so far good work … keep practising :arteest:

  • Slux


Don’t worry, from what I read, Michelangelo’s first drawing and paintings are dated to him being around 21… So you still have time to catch up hehe :smiley:


Heh thats good to know … so I still have a chance :smiley: good, good …

  • Slux


Hehe, I think some of Michelangelo’s earliest documented pieces are from when he was 14 or 15 ~ copies of Ghirlandaio, if I’m not mistaken. Additionally at a young age, he was an apprentice in the garden of Lorenzo de Medici.

Here’s a Wikipedia article that I found:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



ooh… I guess we got into the game to late then… sigh …you’ll be able buy my tablet on eBay soon :sad: :smiley:



Yeah right!!! :scream:


hi thanks for the kind comments and advices. :slight_smile: yes you’re right, i’ve come to learn that drive and passion are more important than natural talent, because i’ve met many people who have it but are doing nothing with it. hmm… maybe i have been taking things too fast, i’ll try to relax my pace a bit :slight_smile: and yes i’ve been watching slux’s thread for awhile now and learning a great deal. i really enjoy hanging around this whole subforum actually. i’ve been wondering when you’re going to update your thread as well. hope we newbies aren’t taking too much of your time :scream: really appreciate having an anatomy master here with us :smiley:

heya slux! hehe i’ve read through your entire thread actually great stuff and great advices :thumbsup: hmm… i think i’ll try that, i’m gonna start with the bones as soon as i finish posting :slight_smile: thanks! very much appreciated!

well michelangelo didn’t have cgtalk or ms kimmel now did he? :smiley: and anyway, it’s never too late and it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you keep trying right :slight_smile: oh and great stuff in your thread i love your work so keep em coming :thumbsup:


Orig. posted by Lyneran: i really enjoy hanging around this whole subforum actually. i’ve been wondering when you’re going to update your thread as well. hope we newbies aren’t taking too much of your time really appreciate having an anatomy master here with us :smiley:

I think that’s great that you enjoy it so much, it’s good to hear. :slight_smile: With respect to my own thread, LOL, I think that in the coming year there will be a lot of new work appearing, as I have been asked to do collaborate on a book with Ballistic Publishing. :slight_smile: There aren’t a lot of concrete details that I can give out just yet, but the project will be kicking off very soon, and it’s something I’m really excited about.

I don’t consider myself an ‘anatomy master’ ~ I’m learning just as much as everyone else on the Anatomy Forum, and it’s been a great privilege to interact with so many different artists at different stages in their lives and artistic paths. :slight_smile: You ‘newbies’ keep me interested in the subject matter and remind me of the excitement of learning. :slight_smile:

well michelangelo didn’t have cgtalk or ms kimmel now did he? :smiley:

LOL! Well, I agree, I think that forums such as this one make information sharing incredibly fast and thus learning much quicker. I’ve been really impressed at the pace at which folks here on the Forum who have worked hard have improved. :slight_smile: Digital tools make the process much faster (and less messy) as well. But both Digital / Traditional work is welcome on the Forum. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you aboard!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I cannot tell you how much i love this! I keep watching this… and it’s such a great additional/explanational material to the loomis instructions.



first off, did i mention i love cgtalk to bits? :smiley: thanks for the input guys, very much appreciated!

i’m gonna try to slow down a bit, i wanna make sure i’m getting everything i need out of my practices and not just producing drawings. i also vaguely remember reading somewhere that the brain needs to do some “background processing” when trying to learn something or everything will overload and go in then just go out. well, i don’t know how much truth there is to that or if i even remembered correctly :rolleyes: i’ll try and see if that works out… but being a workaholic, i’m pretty sure it won’t be long before i’m itching to practice again.

anyway, i just threw together some of the practices i made this morning. there’s more but they’re too much of a mess, i couldn’t put them together. the ones at the top are studies from loomis, practicing the neck and the bony parts of the construction. the head below that was a test to see if i remembered the neck muscle practice correctly. and i made the eye study in photoshop, to relieve some of my frustration and stress.

[left]i love drawing eyes. it’s strange but when i get frustrated with my studies i do some eye studies and it relieves me. :curious: i think it’s because i don’t need to worry about construction and placement. that’s why there are tons of eyes scattered all over my sketchbooks, one for every moment of excruciating frustration :banghead: :scream: …then again maybe i’m just plain weird and trying to make up excuses for it :smiley:



wow you post fast ok now i understand where the “beccaphobia” idea came from :smiley: that’s great news about that collab with ballistic publishing!! that’s definitely something to look forward to :applause:

@mr. mu
thanks, and yes this forum really does help a great deal in addition to the loomis books :slight_smile:



i grabbed the ref images from the sketchathon thread and tried them out myself, and now i’m hooked!! here are my 2,5,15’s…

[left]all made in ps using graphire3 btw, and all refs are here. these are really refreshing to make, the 2min ones especially get me into panic mode. :scream: i recommend doing them in between longer renders.

i’m really having trouble with my 2min ones, most people capture the movement nicely in this exercise but i usually make so many mistakes it takes me all of 15 mins to correct enough of them to make it look a bit understandable. i never even get around to adding a face at all. so far, my sketches are messy and i’m not sure if i got what i was supposed to, but they were a heck of a lot of fun to make so i hope i get better at this :slight_smile:




These are fantastic!! :thumbsup: Run with it, you’re doing really great! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile: