Sketchbook Thread of lilirious


Hi there,

it took me quite some time but here’s my anatomy thread yay thank you for the inspiration!

So here’s the first head:
ALGARDI, Alessandro
Bust of Monsignor Antonio Cerri

[color=white] it took me aprox. 2 hrs in Painter IX
tnx for looking :)[/color]


Hi there elnaz,

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: Lovely first drawing you have there - would love to see more of these. What type of art training and background do you have? It would be interesting to know. :slight_smile:




Hi Rebeccak!

you’re really fast! about me: I’m 22, architectural student and besides that I’ve had no art training. I’m very enthusiastic tho so I hope that’ll do hehehe :smiley: I have thought about art classes, but unfortunately it’s too expensive for me right now :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve always loved drawing so I try to teach myself by reading and searching for tutorials and stuff.

The problem is I never really get usefull c&c so this is my big chance :smiley: yay


looking foward to seeing more work. :thumbsup:


Hi elnaz,

Very nice first painting! II like this style,
it looks so easy and simple :smiley:
But I know that it isn’t…

You are architecture student? That sounds very interesting,
because I’m intrigued in this to…

Do you think that you can tell me something about
what’s going on in architecture studies?
Or maybe show some some works or blueprints of yours? :thumbsup:


Hi again!

here’s the 2nd head, pff took me a lot longer than the first one hahaha :expressionless: this one was really hard. 4-5 hrs (I think), Painter.

DÜRER, Albrecht
Head of an Apostle Looking Downward


actually it’s not really architecture yet, I’m in my final (4th) year of ‘Building technology’. The architect makes drawings of a house, and then I make the construction details so the drawing becomes a building. I chose this way (instead of architecture right away) because understanding the construction gives me more freedom, and so I really do recommend it. It takes longer tho… I still have 3 years to go for architecture and building environment pffff… :expressionless: (sorry for the bad english… :expressionless: )

anyway, I don’t know how it’s done in Germany tho… :open_mouth: I’ll see if I can find something interesting for you :slight_smile: search mode on


Hey elnaz

love the Dürer!
It’s one of my favourite heads from the first anatomy lessons challenge…

This looks very promising… can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:



Lovely work! Keep going - it will be great to see your progress here. :slight_smile: Hard to believe that you have no art training, it would be amazing to see what your works looks like as you get more and more practice. :slight_smile:


Hej elnaz,

thank you very much for your answers!

Very, very nice work again!
Keep going, like Rebeccak and NR43 said.


sigh this is so supportive! It’s really motivating! ahh warm and fuzzy feeling

thank you! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Impressive work, really like the durer painting. Lets see some more work!


Hi elnaz! Awesome work, considering you havent had any art training:applause:. You have great talent. Cross-hatching on the Durer piece is so cool!!


Hello :slight_smile: Great sketches, but like more first one :slight_smile:
as you said you are architectural student, Do you have there drawing lessons?


hi guys, thank you for the replies, unfortunately I’m not as fast (productive) as I’d like to be, because of work and studies :(. Anyway, I’m trying to draw as much as I can (in the train) and it’s really fun!

@ Greatto

yes, but nothing about anatomy (unfortunately haha), we learned about perspective and abstract figures. The first day the teacher told us something about perspective and how it worked, then all the other lessons we went out on ‘trips’ to just draw buildings and shapes. I’ve learned to see things as shapes like blocks (?).
The thing I really hated is that there was no real feedback. The classes were big and there was 1 teacher (argh) so he didn’t have the time to give us all feedback, and a lot of people just didn’t care so… well… I started disliking drawing because of it. It had become something um… sterile? :sad:

anyway, I still have 3 more years to go, and then I’ll be concentrating more on the architecture (instead of the technical stuff), there will me more lessons there, but only then they will be concentrated on designing and making drawings look pretty and presentable (I really don’t know how to say this in english but I think you know what I mean).

hm. oops long story haha

@ Womball

aye aye :smiley:


hello … I understand you, cuz in our university the same :D. 3year we drawing only simple geometry. bless to god that my father are architect and he give sometimes lessons to me :slight_smile:
In university, we have teacher says that: "to draw perfect box shape, i have to study 10 years :). hahah it was really funny…

p.s. where you from?


@elnaz, ARRRRR, ye a pirate I see!

@greatto the teacher is probably right, drawing the simple stuff perfectly, consistently probably would take that long to master.


HAHAH .NONO… he said that because some one draw the box shape in perfectly and more better that the teacher, and teacher was in a temper, cuz he learn it in decades, and some greenboy progressed his skills in 3 years :slight_smile: Its not fair in 3 year we havent draw anythink more than composition in 3-4 simple shape }:>
no i agree that, needs a lot of years, but not for study, you can learn it in 1-3 years and in future just keep drawing progress to not lose the skills…
In our group in Un. from 20 student only 6-8 can draw perespective right, if they have no reference… other just copieng what they see when onto lessons…
one day we had some exame, like student take the ticket and in every ticket contain a task (like draw the hotel hall interior, underground interior, kafe interior and exterior, library etc.) and only 5 student can draw from they imagination… but other… (hahahahahah) that was funniest day in university :slight_smile: after that i understand teachers why they are pushing so hard to draw the simple boxes, but what have to do the students with great and pro drawing skill? ( they have to study and draw this simple task equally level like others)


Hiya guys!

Womball You bet! :bounce:

Greatto Well yes, I’ve had my share of frustrated teachers LOL :stuck_out_tongue: I do hope I’ll get better drawing lessons @ the university!

Anyway, I really feel guilty about not being able to draw all day everyday, and also about posting without a picture. hahaha :smiley: But it’s okay I think. I ordered “heads” and “figures in actions” by Andrew Loomis, and “Dynamic anatomy” by Burne Hogarth as an early x-mas present for myself :smiley: yay!

        DAVID d'Angers

aaahhh this one took me ages :stuck_out_tongue: I just couldn’t get it right… I’m still not very happy with it… his head seems flat to me :stuck_out_tongue: and his expression… argh… ahh well :slight_smile: moving on to the next I think :smiley:
Painter IX, uhm… lost count :stuck_out_tongue:

tnx :slight_smile:


Hey Lili,

did you check out Bobby Chiu’s video sketchbook?
I think you would be interested in what he is saying there…

Here’s the link

have fun :wink:


Yes I see what you mean! you’ll think I’m crazy but I moved my screen next to my tv, now I can draw on my pc while lying on my bed :smiley: yay and from now on I’m only taking a sketchbook and a pen with me :smiley: (so I can also draw in the train). I really must stop being lazy :applause: