Sketchbook Thread of Lady Medusa


Looking over my Spectacular, I allmost got shocked when I realized that all my pirates had bad anatomy. Something has to be done, I have to make correct anatomy a semi-automatic prosess, but I’ve been pushing it since I realized it and it’s about time I start!

I’ll post something tomorrow. I just making this topic so I really will do something tomorrow and not just push to another day it again


Lady Medusa,

Welcome aboard! :thumbsup: Glad to see you creating your own thread here ~ I think it will be exciting to track your progress! :slight_smile: Definitely check out the other personal Anatomy Threads: Peter, Slux, raptor|3D, NOOB, Norman365, EricChadwick, pushav, Edite Kirse, Annemee, Brutal Monk, Thomas Maher, and DigiEgg (sorry if I’ve missed anyone!) all have their own Anatomy Threads with some really nice work! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your posts. :wink:




Thank you :slight_smile:
Been lurking here a long time, but I should deffinitly take a closer look and maybe also post in them. (I think you forgot about urgaffel)
Can we post animals and skelektons too?

A neck from behind D:. I’ve always wanted to get it correctly, but they’ve always intimidated me.

References found on google, not sure if I understood them correctly though :blush:


Lady Medusa,

This is quite a nice drawing! :slight_smile: Yep, we have an Animals thread, and pretty much any kind of thread you can think of. :slight_smile:

I’ll post some key links later ~ can’t right now while I’m at work ~ but looking forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:




Lady M,

Forgot to post this link: :slight_smile:





Trying legs and feet

put numbers to better understand what foot your refering too


Lady M,

I think you have some good studies here. :slight_smile: One thing I notice is that you have a tendency to elongate / lengthen limbs / figures a bit unnaturally. I would try to work on doing a few Master Copies to practice proportion and relative size ~ would you like me to post some Master Drawings here from the web, or would you prefer to post your own? :slight_smile:




haha, funny, I was just about to draw more legs when you posted ^^

I’ll try it, I got quite some paintings in my bookmarks already so you don’t have to find :slight_smile:

I’ll post them as I do them :slight_smile:


Sounds good, Lady M! :thumbsup: Looking forward to seeing your work. :slight_smile:




Great idea to do this LadyM. Subscribing so I can peek in once in awhile.


First attemt :slight_smile:

Link to The Original: daVinci Study of Man


Lady M,

Very nice piece ~ I’m impressed! :slight_smile: Keep going…set a goal to do maybe 2~3~5 of these this week. You’ll notice the improvement! :slight_smile:




Wow Medusa! Those studies are awesome! Love the solid feel of the back head study. Simple, but VERY effective!


Thank you :slight_smile:

this one failed :frowning:


I’m going to rety it after my grandma left.


Lady M,

I don’t think this ‘failed’ at all…:)…in fact, I think this study turned out quite well. :thumbsup: Keep going though ~ you will definitely learn more on the second try. Looking forward to seeing your new piece! :slight_smile:




Tried to go for a watercolorish feel
Painter + Photoshop + Wacom

Referance (fig. 1)
(I gave him back the missing teeth)


Lady M,

This is a good start. :slight_smile: The proportions are a bit odd ~ do you plan to work more on this, and push the rendering farther? I think there would be a nice payoff if you did!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



totally agreed with what rebecca said,infact u did pretty well:thumbsup:keep it going my friend:)


Thank you Rebecca and Zheng (love your art, mate)

I have to admit that I’m rather fachinated by skeletons, particularly craniums

This is just continuing on the previous :slight_smile:
My fingers hurt now x.x

Noticed so much asymetry, hope it look a little more corect.
I just noticed some errors on the front, not sure if I’ll fix them or just start another one.


^ Wow Valentina, I am really impressed, that’s looking wonderful! :thumbsup: