Sketchbook Thread of Katon


Hello Everyone,

So I figured I would start one of these threads for myself. I have decided to start studying master drawings a bit more and with that draw some of them. So here i will post the drawings i do as they come along. I am hoping for at least 2 a week if possible. I might post other work of mine as i do it, maybe some drawings from my figure drawing class who knows. Anyways, i just really want to focus a bit more on my figurative skills and start to push it and i figure a good way is to learn from the masters. If anyone wants to crit my work feel free to. I might just have to join in on some of those workshops as well.

Anyways, i hope i can contribute some to this forum and learn alot on the way. Thanks for looking.



ok so here are my first two entries.

Michaelangelo “Study of a male torso” I spent 2-3 hours on this one

and the other is a quick sketch of a Jacopo female study


hi there katon your master studies are beautiful! especially that first one! are these digital? i’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. :slight_smile:



Very nice studies. The second one, I think, has a nice flow to the lines. The first one shows some nice form, but (and I could be mistaken, since I haven’t seen the original) the values seem a little off, in that a lot of the form borders seem to be the same dark value. I’d like to see where you take the second one, though.



Heya, I didn’t see your thread until just now! Welcome aboard, you have some lovely studies here! I really look forward to seeing what you will do next! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hey thanks alot guys,

Hopefully i will stay on top of this and update this every week.

Lotekk you might be right about some of the borders being to dark, I could have gone to far on that, but he did suprisingly have pretty dark edges if i remebr correctly. I am trying to figure out painter a bit, I had a hard time doing exactly what i wanted in it, so hopefully with some practice i will get better. Thanks guys



Ok here is a quick one i just did, i didnt spend to much time on this as you can see the values are not to worked out. Anyways i am trying to figure out how to learn from these and think about why they made the marks they did and the choices they made, and not just copy them. Anyways i might work on it more another day who knows, but i am tired and ready for bed. Peace




I think it’s nice that you are sticking to a linear approach for the moment, as you are copying from a Rubens drawing (I believe) and Rubens was a master at establishing volume for linework…one thing you should reconsider and refine is the figure’s right leg, as right now, you have the start of the volume of the leg, but you are squishing it into the picture frame ~ given that this is a digital piece, I would just enlarge the canvas to accomodate that leg and let it breathe more with a bit of redrawing.

The great bit about a Rubens drawing are the lovely calligraphic lines, but they aren’t really just decorative, they contain a lot of information regarding the volume of the form he’s describing. Do you use Painter at all? I’ve found some of the chalk / charcoal brushes to be pretty nice for doing drawings, and you may want to try those or some of the similar brushes in PS.

Good to see your new work! :slight_smile:




Rebecca thanks for the feedback. You are right i think about the right leg. I actualy had it a touch longer earlier, and for some reason pulled it back, i will have to revisit that. I agree about his use of line and creating the form, he is great at that. That is the thing that is kind of tough for me, cause i dont just want to literaly copy a picture, but study why he put the lines where he put them and why. Of course it is nice to just copy somethign liek this but i dont feel you will learn as much. So we must try when looking at these to think about why they put the lines where they are put and what were they thinking. It is kind of tough for me as i havent done this a whole lot, so trying to get in that mindset is a bit diferent that just drawing from a live model. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to give feedback. Peace




You’re welcome! I love master studies. :slight_smile:

This is kind of an old thread at this point, but may be useful in terms of determining where to place curves:

Anatomy Review 002: OPPOSING CURVES

There is also a CGArticle I wrote (see link in my signature) on the same concept of Opposing Curves.

Let me know what you think. Hope these help! :slight_smile:




Hey rebecca,

thanks for the links. I did see your thread about oppossing curves a while back, i liked what you had to say. I will have to go over those again. Thanks again for the help, i will try and get another drawing up soon.



Awesome studies katon. Now do more! MORE I TELLS YA! :smiley:


Hi …Katon…:slight_smile:

Really likeing those master studies…first one,…very strong drawing technique…like the
way you describe the the muscles, ect…might try varying the out side line width a little more,
will creat more motion, and a feeling of atmosphere.
Like them all really,…but that one has the strongest drawing technique …just my opinion though…really looking forward to seeing more of these great studies from you…looks like
your off to a great start,…for sure…:thumbsup:



Thanks everyone for the feedback and tips. I wish i had some new ones up, i just have been really busy with work and i had friends in town last week that were staying at my place so i never got anytime to get away and draw. Hopefully i will have some free time to sit down and do another study. Thanks



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