Sketchbook Thread of Johan Derycke


Ohhh! I totally missed out on your new family member! I’d be very much surprised if you managed to get anything done at all, not to mention upload it, hahaha.

Congrats, man!


Hey, thank you for all the great advice you just keep giving me!
I feel ashamed I never bothered to leave something behind.
You’ve some great life drawing skills which are really inspirational
and of course not to forget CONGRATULATIONS on your third child.

You’re an amazing guy, don’t stop inspiring people (especially me).




I’m still alive, believe it or not o.O

Open Door show at the Academy (SLAC) started today.
Come say hello, I’ll be there on Sunday afternoon :smiley:

Here’s a painting I did during the schoolyear.

I posted more on my blog


Here’s a still life I finished last night.
My dad painted this crazy man 40 years ago or so. I always admired the little portrait for it’s humorous appearance. The painting, somehow, got lost but he always kept the postcard he used for reference, so I decided to paint it too when he recently gave it to me.

Lost Marbles - Oil on Panel 40cm x 60 cm


Hey Johan…:slight_smile:

Really likeing these still lifes…Nice composition, color, and brushwork…:thumbsup:

That character in the last one is a spitting image of the actor and comedian Robin Williams…Can’t be him though, because he would have been too young when your father had the card and painted it…Maybe it’s his father…LOL…:scream:
Anyway, Keep up the Great progress…:thumbsup:

Hope all is well with you and yours over in your neck of the woods…:slight_smile:
As Always…Take Care Johan


Thank alot, i can learn many thing about lighting.


Hi Johan :slight_smile:

Hope all is going well your end - sorry it’s been so long since my last post (boohoo they’ve even closed my thread :cry: :cry: ) - it is always great though to pop back and see what you’ve been up to here :slight_smile:

Great colours in the blue painting with the bottles :thumbsup:

I love your latest painting - and the story that went with it, what a great way to pay tribute to a childhood memory and something treasured! I did laugh though - looking at that guys face and then seeing the title… “Lost Marbles” I’m thinking the funny old guy has the marbles in his mouth… :curious: (maybe I’m being really ‘doh’ - perhaps that is what we’re meant to see…?)

cheers and take care
a :slight_smile:


cool still lifes, Johan…



Omg I am so neglecting this thread! Shame on meh!
If I’m not carefull my thread will be closed too :banghead:
I’ve been painting though :wink:

Had a break from painting at home for a couple of months and was limited to painting at the academy for 2 nights a week with the baby demanding much care and (especially) attention. But now I’m back at it since the beginning of december. When I look back at 2011, I’ve made a good 20 paintings at home of which I am quite happy with the result (I used to dislike my work when it was finished) and I plan to double this at least for 2012 (actually 52 good paintings would be nice!).

I’m mostly updating on my blog, hence the abcense here (otherwise I spend too much time in front of the pc, rather than using my limited free time for drawing or painting). If you want to, you can easily subscribe by email or follow, then you are automatically notified when I update.

Anyway, here’s one of the latest

Kris, thanks slowly but steady moving forward
Annette, hey it’s great to see you active here again!
nosisme so can I :smiley:
Glenn Thanks for the encouragement!

Have a good year y’all!


Nice to see an update here:thumbsup:. If my monitor is displaying it ok, this last picture it feels (to me at least) like those raw photos without the exposure curve applied to bring the information and detail (or just light) in shadows. As the raw photos, in your painting there is no something wrong, but that could use some fine tunning or adjustement. Honestly, i wouldn´t change the painting, i´m commenting this in case you are not fully aware of this.

post more often man.


Thanks Juan.
I’m not sure what you mean with your comment though. The last painting has very dark areas -alizarin crimson with phthalo green or phthalo blue make a really dark black- which was perfectly intended. Anyway, it looks ok on my hardware calibrated monitor. The real painting does look better though, but this is always the case… a photo never does justice to a painting.

Well, this year is ending in a few hours.

Happy [color=Orange]New Year to everyone!


I´m seeing it in another monitor and the difference is unvelievable. I was not talking about the bg though, is just that the other monitor wasn´t showing a lot of the middle tones in the overall darker areas.

Have a good year you too!



Your studies are amazing, keep up the awesome work :smiley:


Post 1680 on the previous page in here…Great…:bounce: :applause: Luv the vitality in the brushwork and beautiful use of color…Great rendering of light/shadow/shade also…Congrats:thumbsup:

Hey…Happy New Year by the way my friend…Hope all is well with you and yours…and Best wishes for the year ahead.:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

As Always Johan …Take Care…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Happy New year too Johan :slight_smile:
Nice happy flower painting - did you end up unwrapping it? I like your goal of 52 paintings this year, wish I could do that! Drawings definitely, but paintings seem to take me a lot longer to finish - it is an inspiring thought though :slight_smile:

All the best for you and your family :wavey:
a :slight_smile:


Hey, Johan! How are you doing? I’ve visited your blog (must confess, it’s been a while) and, man, you’ve gotten real good! I followsthis artist’s blog and seeing your stuff reminded me of him. Take a look at his work if you haven’t seen it already. Small paintings of small things, beautiful stuff, mate! Congrats :slight_smile:


I am liking these still life paintings :thumbsup:


i love the concept of the flower piece, it just makes you look really hard at what is going on there.


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