Sketchbook Thread of Johan Derycke


Stimulated by seeing the first thread on the anatomy series I’ve decided to finally start my own thread. I’ve no drawing background at all since I did my first drawing only in december 2005. However, I’m seriously concidering to go to the local art academy and start the 4 year drawing course in september (as it is now, only practical issues could stop me, being a father and all), but why should I wait until september right?

My spare time (read time to draw and paint) is extremely limited (a couple of hours per week max). and since I’m a real noob at this I’m very slow, so bear with me :slight_smile:
Oh… and don’t expect to see anything outstanding here please hehe
I’m hoping to learn from your crits.

[i][color=Orange]edit: Due to limited webspace I will have to make a choice, namely resizing images or deleting some.

Images from post 1 up to post 122 have been deleted already
Images start to show from here



Welcome! :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your work. Don’t worry about not having a lot of drawing experience ~ after 50 heads, you won’t be able to say that anymore! :slight_smile:




Thanks Rebeccak,

So I’ve started on the 100heads workshop.
Here’s head nr1 after 30min.

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

First thing that comes to mind is I have to get this stage on the canvas a lot faster ^^
I’ll update asap :smiley:


ok, had an icecream with the kids and worked a bit more on nr1

spending more time on it than I intended (I thought I would have gotten further with this much timespending) but I guess it’s not the main issue

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]



These will definitely go faster as you do more of them, which is completely the point of the exercise. :slight_smile: It’s really helping me as well just to get past the details and simplify. Looking forward to your progress. :slight_smile:




Well, I think I’ve spend a good 3.5hrs on this one in total. As I’m writing here I notice I forgot the eyebrows but other than that I’m pretty satisfied with it…

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

Nr2 here I come :smiley:


Dont be too modest from what i have seen on your homepage i bet youll get to 50 and do quite fine :). If you dont mind me asking what brushes are you useing?


I use a custom airbrush (one where I’ve made the edges harder) and I blend with the “Just add water” blender brush. Blending by just painting over the same areas doesn’t seem to work all that well for me

thanks for the support


Had not much time today but here’s a startof for 2 more heads:

head 002

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]


head 067:

[b][image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies][/b]

Also, after reading [Anatomy thread of Lyneran](, I ordered 2 loomis books (heads + figures in action) and I plan to draw them from start to end as someone once adviced on the anatomy forums


I’m getting a bit excited over drawing heads now lol

here’s one that isn’t in the workshop :stuck_out_tongue:

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

Comments appreciated



Really liking these simplifications and analyzed head drawings better than the rendered version ~ definitely think doing Loomis is a great idea, and look forward to your studies. :slight_smile:




I really wish my lines weren’t so shaky and scribbled.
I’m watching the work on the heads workshop thread and I see all these nice and fluid lines so I try this to but the more I try… argh. Now i can’t even make a straight line lol. I hope no one will tell me that this is where the talent comes in :eek:

edit: head nr48:
[b][image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies][/b]



Now i can’t even make a straight line lol. I hope no one will tell me that this is where the talent comes in

I strong believe these are learnt! These are achievable through efforts and practises!

I can see effort in you! You can do it too! =D


A suggestion for better lines, Draw from the shoulder down, and not with the fingers only!
short strokes with fingers are only for detailing! get most of the stuff done using the shoulder also.Hope it helps.

rest assured 95% of drawing well is a result of systematic study over a period of time !:).

I think u have to just free up your lines and your proportions are good as it is, so thats a big plus!



Oh thank you BNN and Thomasphoenix for the support! I’ll try that from the shoulder
I will draw all day now :slight_smile:

here’s the 2nd part of the skull study I did yesterday afternoon while sitting outside in the garden

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

as I tend to draw without eraser for this kind of thing you can see I have making a lot of corrections while drawing, but that’ll get better soon

On the other hand, when I was looking at the skull back view ref I thought that would be the easiest one of all and yet I drew it wrong. I guess too much confidence isn’t that good either. Oh well, lesson learned :slight_smile: I’ll redraw these in a month or so if I get to it and see if I got any better (eg faster and proportionally)

I’m using “Anatomy - A complete guide for Artists” by Joseph Sheppard for these skull studies btw.


Ok I transferred my images to another url as my webhost is offline too often…

@ Rebeccak & Bourbakiyou’re idea/suggestion to simplify was excellent so I’m gonna try to do all heads now but spending maximum 10 minutes per head. I note the time spent next to each sketch as a reminder to get more done in the same time.
@ BNNafter reading your thread I decided to switch to ballpen. I have to get used to this different tool but in a couple of days things will go better, so please don’t mind the poor shading :slight_smile:
@ Thomasphoenixwow thanks that was a golden tip about drawing more from te shoulder. I still tend to fall into my good old scribbling mode a lot but I’m gonna focus on that. It has sure given me more confidence already.
Thanks @ all! I feel like my 5y old daughter when she gets an icecream… :slight_smile:

here’s the result of this morning (in chronological order):

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

(totally screwed up on nr3 though)

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

[image deleted to save bandwidth - apologies]

spent a little longer on the big one here. since I thought the mouth was totally wrong I tried it again but without success.

conclusion: Need more practice.
More coming soon!



Lovely skull drawings! You’re welcome for the suggestions. I think simplification is the best way to approach these heads, it sounds like you have a good plan. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by NR43: I really wish my lines weren’t so shaky and scribbled. I’m watching the work on the heads workshop thread and I see all these nice and fluid lines so I try this to but the more I try… argh. Now i can’t even make a straight line lol. I hope no one will tell me that this is where the talent comes in.

I frankly think all good artists are 10% talent and 90% hard work. People with modest talent who work hard can achieve as much or more than someone talented but who doesn’t work to improve their craft. :slight_smile: It’s all about how hard you’re willing to work.

One thing that I think you might find helpful is to think of these digital pieces as drawings instead of paintings, and to use a slightly textured brush, such as the standard Natural Media brushes which you can append to your brushes palette ~ there is a nice round charcoal brush that I like to use there when drawing digitally. :slight_smile: Michael / default-rol did some lovely digital drawings in my CGWorkshop, and his work can be seen here:

Also, I have the images up for a ballpoint pen / cross hatching Tutorial which I hope is useful here: :slight_smile:

TUTORIAL - General Principles of Anatomical and Figurative Art / Cross Hatching

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:




Hehe as Edison said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration :slight_smile:


Heh heh!

I can see the progress of the ball point pen drawings!

I believe sooner or later you will get more used to it and start using it to your advantage!

Yup and also you can work on your line weight! I’m also trying to improve on mine too!

You’re doing great ok! =D