Sketchbook Thread of INTERVAIN - 2D/3D


woah I thought that thread got lost in the bg and died - thanks for all the kind words guys :slight_smile:

razz - lol good? well very kind for sure hehe - I’ve been drawing every day since the summer, I feel that there is some progress, which is encouraging but there’s still so much to do hehehe
and yeah I know how you feel, I don’t like dogs so we’re even :wink:

dscavenger - yeah it’s called Snazzy Archives - I love it - it has some cool options and variations

ok I think I ought to post something

here’s a project I’m working on at the mo very slowly 'cause I’m lazy :wink: - it’s a 3d project but I’ve done a quick 2d ‘concept’ with a quick head render to give me an idea of the progress. The title Ophelia:

some doodles without references, so they look wonky but I’m glad I was able to draw something without refs… I wasn’t able to do that a couple of months ago hence the joy LOL


awesome work on Ophelia. :slight_smile:


yes, ophelia is umbeliveble. Beautiful face. Claun is funny. I think that it is important to do personal works without refs too. Becouse our mind can work;)


Looking forward to seeing Ophelia! At first glance I thought ‘ah, The Lady of Shalott’s boat has sunk’ :o)


thanks guys…I’ve decided to drop the idea of Ophelia in 3d and instead try and finish it off in 2d using the 3d head I already did… it’s an interesting exercise and a hard one… here’s an image of where I’m at now - still lots I want to change and add [and yeah I love painting hair LOL]:


very nice work - the Ophelia piece is looking great


thanks Gordon :)- a bit more progress…


Interesting idea. I had something similar in mind about water, leaves and somebody underwater. I’m not sure what kind of feeling you are trying to express, because her white skin doesn’t tell much to me. If it would be blue, or with a sundown lighting, or green or other, it would immediately tell what it’s about. Maybe a radiating hair pattern could be used to concentrate on her face. Maybe one flower could be over her head, to create a more disturbing feeling. I’m not saying “wow, that’s incredible!”, but I’m trying to give a constructive feedback to an experienced person, so don’t think I’m negative. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you’re not, those are hardly useful and I definitely need constructive criticism on this one :slight_smile: Yeah the skin thing did occur to me… I like the hair pattern ideas as well - will play around with stuff :slight_smile: thnx [and I wouldn’t call myself experienced in illustration hehe - far far from it :slight_smile: a total noob would be more aplicable]


lovely piece so far, may be you should try to give more reflection/highlight to the water …
And i also find out that a cast shadow coming from outside the frame helps to put the subject in context. you know something like the shadows of a tree or stuff like that. Just a idea ^^ .


Nice to see “2D” skills as well. I like Ophelia.


Nick - hehe telepathy, I was thinking about those cast shadows yesterday :slight_smile: yep, you’re right, they’ll definitely add to the image.

Spin99 - thanks


I think what is important here is to clearly define what’s above and below the water.
The submerged areas near the water surface should not be affected too much at all by any water depth tinting. I also think it would be more effective if her hair would ray out around her head underwater. Right now I get the feeling that her hair is being pulled down by gravity. Here’s a rough paintover to illustrate my point about the water surface definition as well as some illumination things I would add. I Hope it helps.

Nice work so far nonetheless. :thumbsup:


wow thanks so much for taking the time to do that Bill :slight_smile: yeah you’re right I think my problem is being too hesitant about going full throttle on adding such radical reflections and changes hehe. I really like the stronger definition of the water - perhaps not so much - I mean I don’t want it that reflective but much more than I do have now.


The Ophelia piece is looking very good.


Last studies you did looking great, thanks for sharing.
Ophelia 2D looking wonderful.

Wish you a great new year, a 2010 full of prosperity, peace and health and plenty of art !



haven’t checked your thread in a while…Wonderful new stuff.


Hi Intervain .

I follow this thread since many time now ^^ ( Since its beginning in fact … Sorry I am the worst forum poster guy Hell ever regurgitated … hahem … lol Sorry it’s late here ^^ )

Great new works here Intervain, and great old ones too (Despite I never post comment here since then -_°)

I really love the skin tone/shading you got on that last 2D work :thumbsup:

I agree with collings about shadow casted from something in the environment .
I agree about more radical reflections too .

Accept that , really cool work for now ^^
Keep on doing so great jobs ! :buttrock::wink:


Wow, I like your latest work. Submerged in water huh? Nice!

I have started my first clay sculpture and Mr. Mu suggested I get you and Anand to look at what I got so far and seek some comments. I agree! So, if you have a little time:smiley:


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