Sketchbook Thread of INTERVAIN - 2D/3D


I think I got addicted to the anatomy threads and great lessons that Rebecca is organizing here! It’s awesome experience and a great way to make me work on myself all the time…

I’ll be posting mostly 3d work :slight_smile: I’ll try to put some 2d stuff in here too, though I feel oblidged to warn everyone - I suck at paiting LOL

So here go some first posts - my models from the HEAD lesson that has drawn me in here:D


please comment and don’t fear to be harsh XD - I do take criticism well [I think]:scream:


and two more


Hiya Intervain !

How sweet to see more 3d people around , especially great talents like you ! :applause:
Totally awesome work on those heads studies … and Oh my god you’re fast !! :surprised

Gonna follow your updates here for sure , hope you’re gonna put lot of your works !
Btw I’m still drooling on you Harry Potter model … that one was huge !! :thumbsup:

cheers ,



Hey Zapan - thanks so much, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I agree, too few 3d peeps over here by far - hope this will change soon. I’m enjoying the anatomy lessons a lot and learning even more…


my first 2d head in the head lesson…scary…

it has taken an hour and it was really painful…


nice work magdalena,
nice to see some new works from you. Im guessing your visa didnt turn out? bummer :hmm:
Anyhow drop me a line sometime and ill forward you some info.


hey Heber - nice to see you here :smiley: and thanks so much m8!!

yep it didn’t work out for now but I just got a gig in the UK so it’s cool… I’ll be moving over next month :smiley:


Intervain very nice models man. I really like your 3d models, thats what i call patience. lol well keep on the great work dude. :bounce:



Welcome, it’s great to see you compile your great work in one thread! :slight_smile: Like Steph I think it’s great to see more 3D folks here ~ keep inspiring! Will post more later, for the time being I’m not at my home computer.

Keep up the great work, it’s a pleasure to see your participation in the 50 Portraits Workshop! :slight_smile:





These are stunning!!!

Excellent stuff dude! =D


Dynasty - thanks so much

Rebecca - thanks very much - always apreciate any input from you :bounce:

BNN - aww thank you blushes

Ok here goes something I’ve tried about a month ago after seeing people trying to follow the masters in one of the CG Talk workshops… So I tried to copy William Bouguereau - took me nearly 4 hours and I almost died… lots of things are off but I must say I was proud I went this far :smiley:


another head for the anatomy lesson :slight_smile: So much fun doing this one - I just love! the sculpture!


Hi Magdalena,

I really bow :bowdown: to your artwork. Your XSI heads there are just great. :thumbsup:
I´m showing your work here at Melies 3D Cinema School, we use XSI primarily, it´s a great inspiration to see what you do.

Your 2D is also very good. Thanks for C&C :slight_smile:


I really bow :bowdown: to your artwork. Your XSI heads there are just great. :thumbsup:
I´m showing your work here at Melies 3D Cinema School, we use XSI primarily, it´s a great inspiration to see what you do.

woah! Thanks so much that’s really humbling especially that a year ago I couldn’t even model a head. Now I really have great faith and hope in learning 2d if I practice :smiley:
You’re way too nice :love:Cheers!


a real quicky done today in less than 7 hours but let’s call it 7… I think it shows she’s a quick model but I just dont’ feel like working on her any more :scream:

she’s way too cute… the original wasn’t so sweet looking


phew, another attempt at 2d… I’ve started him over many times :eek:


Wow a year from not being able to do heads, to the incredible turnover you’re able to do now – incredible :slight_smile: Lovely stuff, very glad you’ve started a thread it’ll be a pleasure to see your stuff :slight_smile:


Kary thanks very much :slight_smile: I’m glad you like those!

well here are two more attempts at 2d - I suffer every time LOL but I’m also learning so much thanks to everyone here :smiley:


Hi Intervain,

I do hope you continue modelling your wonderful 3D heads, because they really sort of are like an advertisement for 3D technology. They look so elaborate and, well, not technical… hard to put it into words for me, because I am not a 3D expert, but I sometimes dont like 3D models for their apparent technical sterility and that is not the case with your work…

falls back to teenage-chat-style
like, totally, man, know what I’m sayin?


hop I got my point across…:smiley: