Sketchbook Thread of iiiokkibar


Hello everyone!My name is Helen,and i really want to improve my skills.At the beginning I was trying to do complete portraits(in my portfolio)but now i see that it was a big mistake to get started like that, as i dont “feel” colors and it is hard for me to catch good angles and also i can not draw something from my mind. So here i am, and i really need your advices and critic
i want to study hard so i can become a good cg artist

my first tries of 60 sec sketching

and some sketches from Boris V. book,took more than 60 secs



I have to finish this later as a gift for friend



I got sick and can not concentrate(not sure if im able to do something else today :banghead:


15 mins ugly sketch(

15 mins life painting was hard to recognise colors,i should do more stuff like that(


last for today


quick sketches for today


and sketch to improve colors.still doesnt match the original(


works in process)characters of my bf and me from diablo3


quick landscapes from random photo.never did that before,was hard


more studies from book and posemaniacs



something from my mind .colors killing me :banghead: i need critic :sad: :sad: :sad:


I dont know whats happening to me.almost hate myself( i just wish next time will be better(


quick self-portrait for today


random things from my head)haha)


and one more 20 mins self-portrait


quick photo study


more motion study from photo