Sketchbook Thread Of Ha-dou-ken - 2D/3D


Hello, I have been studying anatomy books to improve my 3d modeling capabilities. It has been a little difficult to judge my progress since my initial endeavors because I am ALWAYS modeling. I thought that since I could never really draw, what better way to gauge my anatomy understanding then by drawing. I feel that if I have really improved my knowledge then I should be able to draw the human bodyat least a little better…well,here we go.

I am also participating in the 50 heads challenge. I am learning so much from the demigods there, :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: I am sorry, as I did not see your post. It would be great if you could tell us a bit about your art training and background.

With respect to your first painting, nice job here. :slight_smile: My main suggestion would be to keep a bit more to the midtone range, as currently the values are too light, causing the image to flatten out / look to light. Adding a darker layer on top and playing with the opacity can bring the image into a more mid gray range, and then you can rework the lights more subtly.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:




hi Rebeccak!

You are pretty famous around these parts you know? :slight_smile: I love your website. Thanks for spreading the gospel of ART so dilligently. We all really appreciate it.

Thank you for the suggestions. I always felt as though my image was too flat, I was just scared of tinkering with it too much and potentially ruining what I already had. I guess some people would call that procrastination. Anywho, I will get right on that suggestion about bringing out my midtones more. In the meantime, I am working on head 046. About 60% done.I feel almost handicapped since i AM TAKING SO LONG WITH IT AND ONLY executing half realized results.But I am learning, and that’s the most important thing I suppose. I shall post 046 tomorrow night when I get some free time at work. Thank you for the unselfish attitude and general karma towards the art community and especially my generation of future…whatevers.

As far as my art background…well, I have no formal one. I studied 3d here in Louisiana for a couple for a couple of years and am now in a bachelors degree program in game design. the more time that passses though, the more I realize how a fundemental grasp of traditional arts and anatomy plays a more important role in creating a solid Cg artist than the mastery of any given program. Therefore, I have been studying the masters like no tomorrow. Everyone from monet to escher to poets like keates and writers kafka! My mind thirsts for enlightment every second I am awake. I want to express myself. there’s a bit of an isolation issue here though since most of the students here are somewhat…complacent, but I look to the community for inspiration and goal making. Everytime I come here I feel like the sky is the limit. It’s a good feeling. ok, sorry so long!!!, I’m just a big fan, heh.

more soon!

mucho amor from Louisiana, USA(yes, THAT louisiana)



Hi ha-dou-ken, sorry I was too lazy to read your long post. I just wanted to give some advices on your painting.

As I have only seen this one image I can only guess anyway.
I noticed you are using soft brushes, I personally noticed that images painted with hard brush capture the viewer better and for a longer time. It seems like hard brush strokes are more interresting for the eye than soft brush strokes. MAybe you want to expirement (?) with this, maybe not. Just something I thought it might interrest you.

Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thank you Trunks for the sound advice. I felt the same way. My image looks washed out. I must give it more contrast and add some darker tones to the pallette.

more later today!


another head I managed to finish. this one was about 7 hrs of work in PS. There is something wrong with the tilt of the head…I am learning. I would like work on figure/gesture work as soon as this challenge is done.


Hey, Ha-dou-ken. Nice heads here. The second one ir really charming. Big progress seen betwen those two heads. I’d love to see more from you.


Thanks razz, I’ll get cracking on the next one tonight. Love your work bty. You are great.



Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile: Thanks also for telling us about your background, that’s always useful and interesting besides. :slight_smile:

I think you’ve made a lot of great progress with this recent piece! If you wouldn’t mind posting your image as an image instead of a link, I think a lot more people will be able to appreciate your work. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing your progress here. :slight_smile:




This is my first attempt at drawing something realistically besides a head. I have been focusing on proportions so far. I don’t know if I should move on to the next phase yet. I’m content with the accuracy. I could use someones opinion though.

I’ve attatched the original too…


Although the head challenge has been over for more than a month now, I have found a new hobby :slight_smile:

Here’s another one. head 81.


Oh yah, I started dabbling in color after a terrified period of anxiety. I just jumped in and painted a photo of my friend. I hope to get better if I keep trying.


does anyone how to delete a post? Eer. Let me read some, N/M.




I love your new Post. It looks pretty close to stone. I love the scratch effects that I cann see on the arm.



That’s really a gorgeous piece - keep up the excellent work! :slight_smile:


Thanks Rebeccak. That means a lot coming from you. I’ll get more more out soon.