Sketchbook Thread of Gregoo23 2D/3D


Hi all,

I finally decided to create my sketchbook thread. I never went to art school but lately I decided to spend my spare time learning the basics of Art. I’m currently a 3d animator which I enjoy a lot, but i’m also really interested in drawing, paiting, sculpting, and so on. That’s why I think this thread will help to me to learn from the others and get good feedback on my works.

Here are some studies I did from photographs of this really cool website :

Another one:

My first attempt at portrait digital paiting. I started this one in monochromatic to work more on values.

This original sketch which i realize now looks better than the painting :d but again it’s my first try so i promise i’ll do better next time;)

This one is a recent head study in Mudbox. I used separate references for features but global head shape is from imagination.

I’d appreciate any comments and critics on my work. All I want is to improve so I’ll try to post new artwork as much as i can here.




Quick master copy from David D’anger “Chateaubriand”. I used a method I found on a great tutorial by zhuzhu, using big shapes to block shadows and highlights:

Comments welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Gregory!!.. Welcome!.. great start!:thumbsup:. Always glad to see 3d artists in this section!


Thanks Anand! Comments always refuel motivation :wink: . Your anatomy thread is really inspiring, great job!


Hi Gregory
Nice stuff! Like the mudbox thing alot.

Cheerio Chris


Welcome aboard, looks like you have a good start here. It’s good to see the grayscale digital pieces, I think that should really be anyone’s focus who’s starting out in painting. Looking forward to more. :slight_smile:


Thanks Rebecca and Kanga:)

I indeed try to learn step by step, and before moving to colors I prefer to work with values. This forum contains lots of useful materials to start with.
I’m still at the beginning but I enjoy learning a lot.
I’ll try to put some gesture drawings as well soon.


well I say you’ve got quite a lot of skills with painting already even though you haven’t studied any of it :slight_smile: Great job and I do like the head sculpt too! Keep going :bounce:


Thanks for the support Magdalena:)
Well I know it will take more time to learn by reading books and studying on my spare time but I’m patient and i really want to become a better artist!
Here are some figure studies I did from G. Vilppu examples and others from posemaniacs web site (great reference material!). Head is from imagination.



Tonight’s study was an eye. I recently bought W. Maughan “Drawing the head” which deals with replicating shadow shapes and negative spaces to acheive likeness. Great subject to study. Here’s my attempt in painter. I’ll try to make a full portrait soon :slight_smile:

Cheers :wink:


That’s a great book, I have my students draw from that in order to learn the structure of the head. Looking forward to more studies!



Here’s an attempt to acheive likeness using principles of Maughan’s book on a digital paiting from photograph. 2h of work in photoshop. I know the hair and clothes need a bit more work but my main concern was to acheive some likeness.

Hope you like it:)


Nice work! Maybe push the values a little further, get some stronger lights and some stronger darks? Good stuff.


Thanks Rebecca.

Here’s an update and I think you were right with pushing the values. I hope it’s what you meant :smiley:


Hey, I think that’s better, the only thing that I might recommend is toning down the highlight on her forehead so that it is not the exact same value (and size) as the highlights on her cheeks. I might suggest darkening the tone of the left side of the forehead (our left) because that edge against the dark area of the hair makes the forehead really stick out.


Loving the last study of the child’s face. I agree that pushing the contrast was a nice addition but the placement of the eyes seem slightly off. The child’s right eye seems higher and doesn’t match the slight tilt of the head. Good job on the entire image.


Hey Thanks Ron,

You were right for the eye, i corrected it. I worked more on it and here’s an update after many many tweaks :slight_smile: But i think it’s better, let me know what you guys think:)


I like the outcome, nice work for this sketch. :slight_smile:


yeah! good job! :applause:


Hi, nice final image of that girl, she looks really pretty, and her eyes have feeling-which can be hard to capture but very important.
I also like your other sketches and sculpture work, looks really good!