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argh i’m so stressed up with the interview for admission in this college of arts and i don’t know what to do. i’m posting up my portfolio to be and hope that anyone who sees this might at least give me a minimum attention…i will really appreciate if you do… thank you.below is the rules/criteria:
Preparing your Portfolio

[li]Portfolio should be A2 or smaller (A4 minimum) and preferably with a zipped cover.[/li][li]10 pieces of work need to be presented.[/li][li]Your work should include drawings, sketches, 2-D work (e.g. painting, printmaking, digital imaging) or 3-D work (e.g. sculpture, ceramics).[/li][li]Originals of work are preferred, however photographs, slides and/or digital images & JPEG (cd-rom) are also acceptable (particularly for work larger than 60cm X 20cm in size).[/li][li]Works & images should be accompanied with labels/captions indicating; Title of work, year of completion, medium/material and size/measurement of works.[/li][/ul]

What we are looking for

  Applicants need to be selective in preparing the portfolio to ensure that it best represents their creative ability.

The assessment of the portfolio is based on the following considerations:

[li]potential for skill development[/li][li]evidence of hand-eye skills[/li][li]articulation of a sustained idea or concept.[/li][/ul]


here are some more… thank you…


last ones for now…


Okay… i’m going to have to be fairly to the point here, because I don’t know the level of ability you’re required to have to get into this course. Please understand I’m not saying this to be mean, i’m trying to help.

This portfolio really needs work. I don’t want to be gentle with you here, because it’s the answer your college is going to give you. You need to sit down and really focus on doing some long pieces, both creative and studied, and take some serious time and effort.

How long do you have before the interview?


its around 7 days


i don’t know what to do… really…


What I would suggest you do is a series of long studies over the next week. Take a few hours on each, as much as possible. Do some of Rebecca’s workshop material, that will help you out immensely.

I’m sorry I can’t give you better news than this, but you need to show something that has a finished and well polished presentation. Colleges can be fairly brutal about these things, so you need to be prepared. You need to show the college you’re aware of your shortcomings and the goals you have to improve. As they say in the brief:

Applicants need to be selective in preparing the portfolio to ensure that it best represents their creative ability.
The assessment of the portfolio is based on the following considerations:

[li]potential for skill development[/li]> [li]evidence of hand-eye skills[/li]> [li]articulation of a sustained idea or concept.[/li]> [/ul]

You obviously show a lot of potential, but you need to work on the other two points.


Just as a disclaimer, I’m only one person and I don’t know what the entrance level of this college is. I may be wrong here, but I’ve seen folio submissions before, and they usually expect more.


Holy crap fusioniz… are these yours???

They are far better pieces. Why not use those?


thank you… i dont know if your saying that i’m having potential is just consoling me… i appreciate that if it is… but please be frank with me. no offence but i just feel tt i dont know what to draw and stuff… btw could you link me to rebecca’s workshop? thank you…


lol unfortunately just quoting them only… i won’t be that good… =(


Hi there Fusioniz :slight_smile:

Okay, you want me to be honest, I will be.

You DO have potential, and long term I can definitely see you working up to a good standard. But right now - bare in mind without my specific knowledge of the institution you are applying to - I wouldn’t say that your work is ready.

What I think would be your best bet to do is figure out things that you need to improve on, and discuss it with them in your interview. That way, if they see that you know what is wrong with your pieces and are willing and enthusiastic to improve, (it also shows initiative) that will be your best shot.

And like Martin says, work on a handfull of really detailed studies this week to add in. Don’t do just people, they’re hard to do - study some everyday objects, shade your work a little more. And of course, Rebecca Kimmel’s anatomy forum in general is a wonderful learning zone!

Good luck.


i thank you very much elsie. i am going to draw some more and post it here… i will do my best thank you guys for your attentions to a nobody like me… i appreciate it…


Okay, well you’re going to have to stop putting yourself down for a start. :surprised


no i tink its true…i mean im really grateful for great people like you all to give me attention…


ok uh another attempt. took this picture from


here’s another sketch…


Good start, you’re doing studies. Keep at it, but you need to watch those proportions. Remember to lay down the gestures/construction first, before hitting up the rendering. Remember, fixing the proportions of a 5-minute construction is a heck of a lot easier (and much less painful) than realizing two hours into a rendering.

And like erilaz said, quit saying you suck. You keep that up, you’ll end up believing yourself. Just as importantly, if you start saying that during your interview, your interviewers aren’t going to try to convince themselves otherwise. Remember that long speech I gave you about confidence? Keep it well in mind.



Hi there, welcome to the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile: LoTekk was telling me about your work, and I understand that you have a short space of time in which to prepare a portfolio.

I think you probably know by now it’s nearly impossible to put together a college~entrant quality portfolio in just 7 days. :wink: What are your options should you not get accepted this time around? I think you should try to think realistically about next steps ~ not getting overly stressed, but just trying to think through what will happen if you don’t get accepted into art school right away.

What is your art training and background? :slight_smile: I can see that you have potential, but have a lot of work to do, and you are more than free to use the Anatomy Forum as a training ground. As Elsie mentioned, you should also try to draw people, as well as have color pieces in your portfolio. Do you work with color media at all?

I don’t know how the school system works in Singapore, but here we have small, less expensive community colleges where a lot of people go before going to a university, in order to hone their skills. Is there any such thing in Singapore, or can you simply take a few art classes?

Let me know your thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

Also, I should say that no one is a ‘nobody’. :wink: We all start with a certain amount of skill, and then hopefully we’re all on an upward journey from there. Think of it as a challenge where you have to improve. As my grandfather would say, there’s no where to go but up. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



yeah about selling myself or something like that right?i’ll keep it in mind thank you.strangely i have a bad habit of straying into rendering after drawing awhile lol…