Sketchbook Thread of Francisco Galárraga


Greetings… Here’s my first entry in my thread, which is a 15 minute ref sketch from the 15 minute Sketchathon activity. My main purpose for returning is different. I’ll be participating in the 50 heads in a month event, and other anatomy activities. Good to be back in this forum, & to be doing GOOD (for me anyways :stuck_out_tongue: …)




Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your progress in the Portraits thread. Best of luck! Do you mind telling us about your art background and training?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Rebecca, & thanks for being nice with everyone around here :smiley: & odd nerdrum rocks!
Well, I don’t have a formal artistic background, i’m mainly a graphic design student, trying to specialize in ilustration. I have had several drawing, painting & illustration throughout my stance at college, but it hasn’t been enough. After a hard crisis I had a year ago, I think I have finally found my personal path in life and I’m currently working on the distinct facets of it’s completetion. “Career wise”, after getting my major (which I will next year), I plan to go to an atelier to solidify my overall skills. 2-3 years of intensive study should provide a strong basis for the rest of my career. Until then, I’m training on my own. I saw this forum as an excellent resource to do so. isn’t this strong anatomically wise.

Anyways, here comes my batch for today. I got the book Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters, by Robert Beverley Hale to re-read & make study copies from, & I started with some short sketches of Jacopo da Pantormo’s Nude Boy Seated:

My first head entry progress:

I have a question about it? What should I do to have it to be considered finished? work on the shadows?



You decide yourself when it’s finished. It can be a quick sketch or a finished drawing, your decision. I just love looking around these threads and see people participating in the anatomy lesson series. Such good stuff. Looking forward to see your progress.



Hey, another Odd Nerdrum fan, yay! :smiley: Thanks for sharing that about your training, it helps. :slight_smile: Really loving that Pontormo study, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:




To start the week, I created this entry for the weekly CHOW comp in conceptart. Can anyone please give me some tips or pointers on it? Feel free to make drawings on top, if words aren’t enough. Thanks!




From an overall image standpoint, I think the texture is overwhelming the image, particularly since you are going for something of a very slightly shaded style. I’m more partial to the Pontormo / Western style of drawing ~ one thing I suggest is varying the line width, using a more calligraphic line in your finished work.

Using lines in a finished painting means that the lines really have to be perfect to work ~ I think a shaded method is usually more interesting unless the lines are dead on. :slight_smile: I really like the patterning you’ve done on the clothes, but I think that a more shaded approach will give you the opportunity to make more adjustments in future pieces. :slight_smile:




REBECCA: thanks for your input, very much appreciated. I will keep your tips in mind, specially the calligraphic line width variations you mentioned. Which type of pen should I use to be able to do that? Or just practice with different angles or positioning of my current “pens”?

UPDATE (most images have been modified in a very minor degree in Photoshop, using levels for clarity).

More Pantormo studies (that drawing mesmerized me)

Egon Schielle is inspiring me a lot for the Last Man Standing Competition over at Hopefully I will finish my entry on time, here are some studies of they Egon’s style:

Realife portrait of my father, watching yesterdays game:

My second head! I decided to leave my firt head as it is. Here are some studies & the “final” version:

On to the third heads… (3 heads in that salomé pic).




I just really love the Pontormo studies, I think they show a real facility and level of energy ~ I’d like to see you do more copies from his work. :slight_smile:

While I love Schiele, I don’t know that he’s the best person to copy, but it’s certainly terrific to see you trying out different styles. :slight_smile: There is something about your style of drawing that I just really like, keep up the good work!




Hi…LOCO…:scream: :slight_smile:

REALLY like the energy in your line…Pontormo studies, and that last head study…:thumbsup:

You might look at drawing , the way a great boxer looks at fighting.
Float around lightly like a butterfly with your line,…them sting hard and fast… like a bee, …where and when it counts the most.

Save the energy for the stings…where and when it is needed most.
LEARNING TO CONTROL the energy is KEY to great drawing and painting.

A real pleasure seeing your thread, and your work…looking forward to seeing your progress.:thumbsup:



Well check this out: this next painting in the list had 3 heads! whoever made it rocks… if anyone can point me to the author, I’ll gladly appreciate it:

Here are some studies (using an black ink pen):

where’s waldo like mess (:P) Lines only… I took about 5-10 minutes on each head (the offical 50 head activity ONES), despite the small size of them! really hard to do:

More studies of the painting (individual heads):

I made more studies of them, but these are the better ones. Next in the list comes a spectacular leonardoish head… He’s looking hard!

Apart from that, here is a real life treat for you folks… i tried to make the anatomy as good looking as possible, but i think i succeeded in giving more “mood” to the drawings first. Well, gotta keep practicing! These were drawn in a physical therapy institute & each took about 15 minutes to draw (except the first one, whick took about 5):

And tis here is my capoeira instructor. About 6 minutes:

Comments & most importantly CRITICISM will be much appreciated!



these last two are mirror SP’s. done in 15-20 minutes.


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