Sketchbook Thread of Erilaz (Large dl)


After the immense fun of Rebecca’s workshop, here are some final results! I’d just like to note that these studies are taken from “Artistic Anatomy” by Paul Richer and “Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist” by the author Stephen Rogers Peck. Brilliant books. I highly recommend! :slight_smile:
Please note that although this is all my own work, it would not have been possible without the untiring and ever-patient tutelage of Rebecca Kimmel. Thank you Rebecca, a most rewarding experience!



Some hands…


Some torsos…


Some arms!


A work in progress example:


I also have higher res images if people are interested. :slight_smile:


Very Interesting; Beautiful work Martin. :thumbsup:



I cannot express how much fun it was to have you in the class ~ you really helped to make it a highly enjoyable experience, with your hard work, cheerful posts and enthusiasm throughout. I was simply amazed at your progress in Week 1, where you just caught on so quickly to the b/w digital shading method, and really refined it as the course progressed, adapting to it with ease, and adding your own modifications to make it work for you instead of you for it. I think you really started to show mastery in the later weeks and things took less effort ~ the practice and hard work paid off in spades, I’d say. :slight_smile:

I still think that you could work to refine / finish a few of these pieces, but the key is that you’ve gotten the point ~ and I think your digital painting skills have progressed a great deal.
Many kudos to you for sticking with the program, even when it got tough, and you were most definitely a leader in the class. Thanks for posting WIP so consistently and for taking comments / criticism in stride. You were a tremendous asset, and have become a friend! :slight_smile:




Hi Martin, cool stuff. especially the step by step :slight_smile:



The paperclip approves!

I particularly like the skeleton hands, great values there!

You’ve improved so much over the workshop, it’s mindblowing…maybe I’ll be the next to sign up for one, hehe.


Thanks a lot for the support guys! I really appreciate it.
Yes Rebecca, I will have to improve even further and finish off those ones that were quite rough! :smiley: I know I will get much better from here on in.
Here’s another progress breakdown:



These breakdowns are superb! They are really interesting to see, I think they probably help others as much as they help you to see your progress. Thanks for posting! :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks Rebecca! I pretty much saved a large res WIP every hour or so while I was working on all of these. It helped me to keep track!


Another breakdown. Mentally? :smiley:



If you can host them, why not post links to your hi~res images on your thread? That would be really helpful to folks who want to see your beautiful pieces in better detail. :thumbsup:

Another breakdown. Mentally? :smiley:

LMKAOITS! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I’ve got the hi res ones on site now. i’ll be posting a link to them later. (probably a bit big to post inside the thread itself).


Another breakdown:


Sweet! :thumbsup: That’ll be really cool, thanks! :slight_smile:


Not very elegant, but here we go! High resolution. Not as high as they could be (the originals are about 2500 pixels across!)

Bone structure Arm 01
Bone structure Arm 02
Bone structure Arm 03
Skull Front
Skull Side
Side Facial Overlay
Skull Muscles
Right Hand Dorsal
Right Hand Palm
Right Hand Muscles
Side Torso Muscles
Back Torso Muscles
Right Foot

Hope these keep you occupied for a little!:smiley:


That’s brilliant, Martin, thanks! :thumbsup: Really gives a MUCH better appreciation for the detail and for the amount of work you put into these! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile: