Sketchbook Thread of Dreamy Kid


Hi, welcome to my sketchbook thread. This is the thread where i’ll be posting most of my figurative arts, both from my own study and school projects. I hope this thread will be some kind of journal and be helpful for me to keep in track with my personal improvement from time to time - if there is any :scream: - and get some constructive suggestions from fellow forum members.
I would like to thank Rebecca that’s been patiently guiding me and teaching me in the beginner lounge, and inspire me at the first place to learn about this and not giving up.
Most of my older works can be found at the beginner lounge and I encourage everyone who’ve just started into figurative art to join the thread. Thank you


Heya Devin,

Good to see this finally go up - I look forward to seeing your work. :slight_smile:



that’s great!
hope you’ll enjoy the ride :smiley:


some life drawing studies from various resources < life models, magazine, photographs > on 18"X24" paper


This one is from, i’ve been subscribing for a while and they have a lot of interesting models. this one is my favourite :thumbsup:


these 2 models come to my life drawing class regularly, about one and a half hour pose each on 18"X24" bond paper


just random drawings from my sketchbook :twisted:


hello everyone, it’s march break and i finally have the time to photograph some of my the works i do lately - should have done it earlier. i’m always lurking here everyday in the forum during my free time but mostly just :Dbeing passive. anyways i’ll be trying to be more involved in the community and hopefully can help each other in learning.

art school have been busy and can be stressing at one point, but i’m happy that i learn a lot. i’m still experimenting with styles and pretty much absorbing informations from various resources such as video tutorials and books, it really is overwhelming but feels good at the same time.

ps: sorry for the crappy image quality for i’m using my old camera to shot them, my scanner is not big enough to contain the 18X24 paper.



oil painting from model, we don’t really have alot of time to work on this, so i’ll just have to be happy with this for now



Some really nice things happening in your works…I really like the first one alot…has a very nice feeling to it, the way part of the figure is in atmosphere, and part of it is pure line…reminds me of old Master drawings that I have seen from China…not the figure itself , but the way it is represented in your drawing…nice technique there…:thumbsup:
I also like the heavy set woman drawing alot…was wishing it had the fussed out atmosphereic areas to it like the first one that I just mentioed, where you lose the outline here and there…but that is just me…:slight_smile:
That portrait with the torso study next to it is really good also…nice shading on that portrait, and the torso has a great look to it also…:thumbsup:
I think your thread is off to a great start…I really enjoyed seeing the different approaches and techniques that you are experimenting with, and am really looking forward to seeing where your journy in here leads to…should be some great work and progress happening…seems that you are not afraid to challenge yourself and explore all the posibilities of all the different techniques out there…great to see that…:slight_smile:


hi Glenn thanks for the visit and thanks for the compliment,
as you might have figured, i’ve been experimenting with different styles and approaches at this point, and sometimes it depends on the subject of study in that particular week. :scream:

This week is Vilppu’s week :slight_smile: i’ve just got many of his dvds and guidebooks. I’ve learn’t alot from it, most of the time just from watching him draws. I’ll post some drawings from the upcoming weekend life drawing session pretty soon.



Hi Devin, welcome to you!:slight_smile: You have some nice work here. Your random sketchbook drawings are really good. I like the way you have painted the portrait of the boy. Keep posting.


You’ve done some nice studies, it’s good to do a variety of styles too…helps you figure out what works best for you :slight_smile:
I think my fav of yours is the portrait you did of that fat lady…the line work and the colors you put in are just really really nice.


just some study i did from joseph sheppard book.

I have recently discovered that my drawing lack of crossing/overlapping lines after watching vilppu dvds ( vilppu always emphasize how important it is ). i think it’s one of the reason why sometimes i feel that my drawing lack of something and not clear enough.

This morning i woke up early and went to see figurative art exhibition in Ontario College of Art, it’s not big but they do have a lot of magnificent works, I just wish i took my digital camera with me though. I usually go to a 3 hours life drawing session every saturday morning, It’s a nice break for me since it’s outside school and i know nobody there, no pressure from the teacher and stuff like that,- hopefully all the study this wekk will pay off.


I like the soft feel you get in some of your drawings, lets see some more :thumbsup:



Model Study - Saturday, march 10, 2007

it’s cold and gloomy outside, but i managed to woke up early and drag my self out of my bed. today’s life drawing session was really fun and i think i’ve managed to apply some of the things i’ve learnt during the week. :wise: The session run for 3 hours and we have one same model. I guess the goal for today was to train my hand to work faster and loosen up, i really have to work on my speed seriously.

Here are some fast sketches for warming up

more longer pose

20-30 min pose


Nice to see your life drawings. I like the speed drawing on the left and you are doing well with the excercises. Keep posting!:slight_smile:


Hey there, :slight_smile:

Apologies for the delayed response, good to see you back in gear! :slight_smile: Good to see your figure drawings, I hope to see many, many, many more of these - it’s good to hear you are studying from Vilppu as well, hope that you keep up with those studies.

I notice that you have a tendency to make the torsos a bit rotund and the limbs / arms, legs rather spindly - this is something you should watch out for, unless you really want to make caricatures instead of realistic figures. Also be careful not to make concave forms (curves that ‘cave’ inward - rather try to make sure all of the curves you draw, however small, are convex (pushing outwards).

Looking forward to more! :slight_smile:


Becca, nice to see you again, i’ve been wondering where you are hehe. thanks for the input becca, i always learn a lot from it. by the way would it be too much trouble if i ask you to illustrate your feedback & input, just to make it clearer, or perhaps a paint over. thanks


Hey there,

No problem, here is a paintover which I hope helps to illustrate what I mean: :slight_smile:

[left]I hope you don’t mind, I posted the paintover here, which contains other paintovers which I think may be of use: :slight_smile:;f=9;t=30;st=0

The main thing is to make forms feel round and full - when curves face inward, toward the center of the form (concave curves) the form looks as though it has collapsed. Think of the human form as a water filled balloon, where the water pushes the outer edges of the form outward. Obviously this is an exaggeration, and you may not see this everywhere on the form, but the purpose is to put it in even where you do not see it on the real form, so as to make what you are creating on the page more convincing.