Sketchbook Thread of daWinky - 2D/3D


Hey everyone!

Though I’m usually doing more 3d, Rebecca caught me with her amazing workshops, so I have some 2d stuff that I want to collect here.
As a beginner in 2d - and especially in anatomy - I’m glad to get any feedback, tips and critics!:slight_smile:



Here are my results from some OFDWs:

OFDW 12 William Bouguereau “Dante et Virgile aux enfers”

OFDW 14 William Bouguereau “La Vague”:



OFDW 17 Jean-Léon Gérôme “Black Bashi-Bazouk”

higher resolutions of these can be seen in my Portfolio…



I try to keep step with the “Anatomy Lesson Series” now and here are my two first rough heads:) …

The head pictures will be numbered according to the references in the “Anatomy Lesson” thread…

Have all a nice day!



Wohoo! Now, that’s about time! :smiley:

Good to see your new thread - and the nice work you’ve done so far.
That last head is amazing - you’ve really managed to capture his intense eyes well.
I’m looking forward to see all your 50 portraits now - no more icecream breaks for you, right? :slight_smile:


YAHOOOOO , look who’s here !! :bounce: :scream:
So great to (finally) see your anatomy thread !!!
Let me see say that is totally awesome the skills you’ve developped during these OFDW , I’m still drooling in front of the cloth of the last one…

And great start for the Head lesson serie … you already have 2 … I feel like to be really late …

Anyway that’s awesome to see that thread taking off , hope to see more soon !

cheers ,



Hi…daWinky…:thumbsup: …GREAT to see your thread up :thumbsup:

How was the last head you posted done…I like the technique …whatever it is…has a sculptured look to it…just curious…:slight_smile:



Wheee! Great to see you aboard, Sabie! :bounce:

Your work here is just phenomenal…it’s fantastic to see it all together! :slight_smile: The last head is amazing, it indeed struck me almost as 3D. Looking forward to following your thread (at last!)

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Morning everyone!

Hey, Gunie, great to see the first member of the spam-team around!:wavey:
Usually I have more spare time in July/August, so I hope to get enough icecream and the heads done…and I even want to start with some zBrush experiments(finally)…so stay tuned!:slight_smile:

Stéph, thank’s for your nice words and don’t worry…in 2d I’m snailing around more than you ever did:D , so 50 heads are a real challenge for me…btw: wasn’t there a deal about my anatomy thread and a nice male elf from you:wise: …

Hey Glenn, thank’s for your visit and the warm welcome:) ! About the last head, no secret…I just painted some really sharp highlights in there, seems to work fine for a kind of marble look…

Becca, so nice words for me:blush: , thank’s! I just couldn’t resist your new workshop, I hope that I can start to learn some character modeling soon, so your anatomy lessons are a great preparation for me!

Have all a nice day!



And here is the last night’s head…:slight_smile:



Nice to see you here Sabie… I’ve already know your 2d skills… and with these latest exercices, you give us one more proof… very good Sabie… it’s a good thing you motivate yourself here…

…and some Zbrush experiments… that sounds good… if I understand well… no holidays for you this summer… only works and spam ? :thumbsup:

Nice day for you…



You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile: Lovely work here, nice contrast between the smoothness of the skin and the rough cloth texture.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hey Lolo,
so good to see you here and thank’s for the extra motivation…:slight_smile:

exactly, no fun, only hard working and learning for me:cry: …

in my office outpost:

with unmotivated workmates…

…working can be so nice!:cool:

Hey Becca:wavey: ,
thank’s for your encouragement…the clothes are so rough because I want to save time, I need just too long for each head:shrug: …



And the next 2 heads…

…the first one could need more work:blush: , but I doubt that this makes him more pleasant…



WOW! REally great heads there. Your going to be experimenting with zbrush?



Adorable pictures, the sunshine and the cat are just great! :slight_smile: Thanks for those pictures, it brightens my day. :slight_smile:

Lovely work, especially on your last image of the sculpture ~ just gorgeous, you really captured that perfectly! :applause: Can’t wait to see more of your works! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Morning Sabie…
hahaha, I don’t know if your workmates could be effectively as good help for sure… but it’s so funny… I can see with pleasure that you continue your exercises… so good…

…nice day for you… and care, too much fun and too much rest is very dangerous… you can comes addicted :scream:



Thank’s for your visit, Nathan…“Experimenting” with zBrush only means, that I start to learn some of the basics:D . I’ve just seen some of the zBrush posts in your anatomy thread, way to go for me…

Hey Becca, glad that you like the last one…more time, better result. My “snapshots” are still a problem:shrug: …

Morning Lolo, don’t worry about too much rest, the peaceful moments are usually over too soon:D …

And here is the first head of the week…

Have all a nice day!



Well if you would like help just post and I will see if I can help. Your 2d is topnotch though and your 3d skills seem really strong too. I’m not that good at photorealism.



Lovely piece ~ the desaturated / sepia tones are nicely subtle and suit the mood and expression. And just finished enough, without being overfinished! Good stuff. :slight_smile: