Sketchbook Thread of Cg_Icecube - 2D/3D


Hi Everybody:)
I am starting a thread on CgTalk for first time:scream: and here i am to share my work on Anatomy…
I ve attended, recently held, Rebecca’s CGWorkshop on Figuratively Speaking…
Like many here, I also feel proud to be a student of Rebecca:thumbsup: and appreciate her leadership in Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Forum:applause:She hs done good to many:buttrock:

I have been part of CgTalk Forums from long now…but the fantastic work done by artists here has left me speechless, most of the times which has been a reason of posting less on threads:rolleyes:
I am still learning…Comments & Crits are Welcome:love:


i think it’s a super realistic painting especial the upper body part:thumbsup: really admire it


Most of my work here, is from the CGWorkshop…
It has been a great learning experience…Well i ve no words to express the great talent of our teacher - Rebecca Kimmel.
And great artists…Shay Casey,Michael Rollinson,James Woodward and all my classmates:love:


Posting a WIP of 3D David model…


Some more Photoshop Digital Painting work…





It’s great to see your Anatomy Thread go up, and fantastic to see your work here. :slight_smile: Of course it was a pleasure to have you in the Workshop, and a blast to work with all of you wacky people. :thumbsup:

Hey, very cool to see your 3D model of the David’s leg ~ is that for the challenge going on? Looking forward to seeing this develop! :bounce:

Just dropping in briefly, am still not home yet. Looking forward to seeing much more work here!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Yay your up and running good to see this I will subscribe and keep an eye out… :thumbsup:



Thanks Woody:)


Hey Richa :smiley:

Great to see your work up on the boards, you were a very hard working classmate and did some excellent stuff.

Keep going, and I hope to see more really great work form you soon.

MIKE :applause:



[left]Richa, I think this is a great piece, and I’d really love to see you finish it. His left leg appears much more flat and unfinished than the rest of the piece, which is really nicely rendered. I would definitely encourage you to work more on this, as it’s off to a really great start! :slight_smile:





Roll: Thanks:bounce:Keep visiting here…

Rebecca: Tmrw evenin, i promise to shw u an update on the left leg:love:


I like the model of the David’s legs, good start. Also the hand of a painter looks pretty, but too clean for me :smiley: Others sketches look good too, but the old man is astonishing!! As Rebeccak said, you should really finish it!


Hi richa-doll - I have already commented on this stuff, hit me with something new kid ; )


Just did sm eye studies yest… From Hogarth- Dynamic Anatomy… Its a great guide for me:)
And a small digi paint as well…

Got inspired from digital sol’s work on facial features:wink:



Fantastic work with the Hogarth studies and with the eye painting ~ it’s great to see you doing more work. Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:




Becks, here i had corrected the leg portion day before yest as promised…but got late in uploading cz of server problem…

I’ll work further on neck, and face area…render it further with more details…


gr8 work on the eye! i like it a lot.keep it up.


Great n nly great work is coming frm ur side.
u ve grown in front of my eyes at a speed of light.
i would like to say only few things.
Nevr evr give up of regular practice…
get very close to human antomy…as close as u can…stuying great works n real people n great studies…
great n grand gud luk to u


great stuff!!! … the painting of the old man looks awesome… very inspiring :slight_smile:



My suggestion is to try to remove the outlining, and to use contrasting lights and darks to define the form.

It’s no big deal, but please keep posts to 800 pixels wide or less so that users don’t have to scroll. :slight_smile: