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Hey everyone,

Would just like to kick of my anatomy thread. I really enjoy painting and drawing, but realize I am lacking in drawing skills. So here I am to work on that! :wavey: I have taken Drawing 1 in college as an elective but, I’m an IT Major and never took it further.

This first picture is a self portrait. The nose and mouth look a little funny to me but everything else looks ok to me. Any critiques would be welcome.

Thanks a lot,




Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: It’s always nice to see a new Anatomy Thread go up, and it’s good to see your work.

Two threads I think you might really enjoy and benefit from are:

BEGINNERS’ Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Where beginners are invited to complete the excellent drawing exercises from Betty Edwards’ classic book, The NEW Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Beginners’ Lounge
Where participants are invited to work on Gesture exercises posted to the beginning of the thread, or to post any work for group comment and critique.

I think the thing to know about the Anatomy Threads is that I will be more focused on encouraging you to do a lot of drawing ~ which is really the only way to get better. :slight_smile: As you post more work, I will be happy to give you comments and feedback. :slight_smile:

Also, I am curious to know if you have ever used Photoshop for painting / drawing, or have access to a tablet.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:




Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the quick reply and all the work you put into these forums :slight_smile:

I will definitally participate in the threads you mentioned. I have Photoshop 7 and do have a wacom tablet. Infact, I made the self portrait with Art Rage and a tablet. I haven’t really done any painting in photohop though, my sense of colors is fairly poor, to be honest.

Thanks again!




No problem! :slight_smile: Regarding painting digitally, I encourage beginners to start in grayscale anyway.

Check out the last two Tutorials linked in this post:

TUTORIALS - Shading Techniques - by Various Artists

The last 2 tuts detail how to go about painting in grayscale, and later color using Photoshop’s blending modes.

You can also check out the Color Workshop here for some quick tips / info. about Color:

Color Theory and The Human Figure - NUDITY

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:




One of my first serious hand studies. I’ve drawn my own hands from life a few times, but never took time to draw the bones. I should have spent more time on this. The porportions are off I think and I made a few mistakes, but not too bad I guess. Working from the Burne Hogarth Hand book.



Good to see this study. :slight_smile: I think the main bit is to do several more of these. There is no way to improve in terms of drawing except through getting a lot of mileage.

I would suggest setting a goal of doing a certain number of Anatomy Studies per week ~ whatever is reasonable for you ~ and just going for it. Start to build up a sketchbook, and try to practice on a daily or weekly basis if you can.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :slight_smile:




Hi there,

Thanks for the reply Rebecca. I haven’t posted in awhile and I know I should be doing more of these. I’m only hurting my progress if I don’t. So I’ll try to get into the habit of doing more studies.

Today’s update bothers me a little. I had a wonderful line drawing, I think, of the skull outlined in the black border. But when I went to render it, it seemed to get fuzzy/grainy. I think you can see it in the picture below. Is it the paper that causes this or my rendering technique? When it was in the line drawing stage it didn’t seem to suffer from any of that.

Sorry for the bad quality. My scanner wasn’t cooperating. Done in a range of graphite pencils from an plastic model I built from a kit. However, the model is lacking bottom teeth.



Good to see your update. :slight_smile: I think the problem you are having is likely the paper grain ~ if you are working on high quality paper, the grain is likely to be more pronounced. Try doing these on smooth / sketch paper, and you will have an easier time with shading. :slight_smile:

For some pencil shading techniques, check out:

TUTORIAL - Shading Techniques (Various Media) - by Rebeccak

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Bohh!

I would assume you to do more studies a day. At least you should do one study a day but if possible do more. You have to paint a lot to learn how to paint :wink:

Keep at it !


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