Sketchbook Thread of Billy_Z


Hello everyone. I’ve been hanging around CGTalk these past couple of years and I FINALLY decided to post up some sketches.

I guess I should tell you a bit bout myself. I just graduated from taking my Illustration major but unfortunately my works still aren’t that good coz I’m kind of a slow learner and don’t have much confidence in my works. So I’m hoping that by posting some of my stuff here I’ll improve by learning through others and will someday be like my favourite artists.

Anyway here’s some of my sketches to start up the thread. Please help me improve by giving me your professional critiques.

Thank You.


Hey Billy_Z, welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

I’ve only just recently joined the forum myself and so I’m in the same boat. I’m sure we’ll progress though if we just keep at it :slight_smile: I have a sketchbook thread ( ) too if you want to take a look.

Personally I think your drawings are great so far! My favourite is the first sketch of the girl; the way you’ve used the lines really adds life. The second drawing is cool also, it reminds me vaguely of Aeris of Final Fantasy VII. The third has a good sense of perspective and the portrait at the end is really well done. All in all, great work and I look forward to seeing your progress!



Thanks ZV. Its great to know that I have someone with me and I’ll definitely check out your thread. Anyway here’s some sketches from the master resources exercise/challenge on the head. Hope to get some critiques on it.

This one’s a WIP…


Hi …Billy Z…:slight_smile:

REALLY like your loose brushwork, technique, and style of painting done on the master copies of the bearded guys at the bottom of your post…GREAT.:slight_smile: :thumbsup:
For your drawing studies, you might check out a tutorial that Rebecca put together on …OPOSSING CURVES…found in the tutorial section somewhere…You might think about doing a couple of studies of some of RUBENS DRAWINGS/PAINTINGS, …WILL REALLY HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE OPOSSING CURVES that occur in the human figure…and will add motion/rythum to your drawings…just a passing thought…:slight_smile:


Thanks SpiritDreamer. I greatly apreciate your comments on my works and I would most definitely take your advice on using the tutorials and studying some of Ruben’s works.

In the meantime here’s some of my works that I’ve done in college. Critiques welcome.


Wow, pretty damn neat stuff!

I like the Jordan and the boxing one, really captures the mood.
The step-by-step protrait of the old mans pretty great too. Im still learning to draw the face, and my painting skills are horrible[I can`t get the right colours for highlights and shadows etc].
Great work!


Trying out the THE OPOSSING CURVES exercise tho I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. Here’s some sketches. Pls give some critiques.


Sorry for the late update but I’ve been really busy this past week with some stuff. Anyway here’s a little something from me.

Critiques are more than welcome.


Welcome! I’m also new to the sketchbook thread. You have some great pieces here. I think my favourites are the city and the apple from a couple of posts back. Also the pen and ink drawings from earlier (I really enjoy pen and ink sketches).

About the only critique I can offer would be on the girl in the first post, fifth one over (pink sweater on blue background). Her right shoulder and one or other of her legs seems slightly out of perspective.

Is all your work digital, or are some of the pieces traditional media (and do you have a preference either way)?


fifty3dragons thanks for ur comments, I really appreciate it. Currently my works here are done digitally as to get some practice. I usually use traditional media for my artworks but unfortunately I don’t have a scanner to scan it in as of yet.

Anyway thanks again for the comments and I hope to see u in my thread again in future.


I was wondering if someone could help me with something. At the beginning of the thread I had mentioned that my works aren’t that good. The reason for this is because I have trouble creating my own original drawings. The works I have posted so far are mostly done with reference except the first few drawings.

I usually have no trouble drawing characters in a normal standing or sitting pose but when it comes to other poses I find myself having a mental block. I think the reason for this is because of these weakness that I face:

  1. imagining drawing poses/dynamic poses
  2. rythm
  3. balance
  4. foreshortening
  5. backgrounds

The exercises I’m doing right now are:

  1. outdoor life drawing (sketching basically)
  2. drawing thumbnail sketches of 360 degree poses from the Illustrator’s Reference Manual (pretty good book)
  3. THE OPOSSING CURVES exercises from Rebecca (thanks again SpiritDreamer)
  4. pencil sketching
  5. muscle study

So I hope someone could really help me with these problems and tell me if there’s any other exercises that can help me improve.



Hi …Billy Z …:slight_smile:

You have some great painting skills there…:thumbsup: That last one really put a big smile on my face :scream: …THANKS…:slight_smile:

In answer to your question on CREATING FIGURES FROM IMAGINATION.
The best resorce that I know of for learning that, is a book called
It has everything in it that you mentioned needing help with, plus ALOT more.
I had him for a teacher years ago…He really knew his stuff…he would create life sized figures from imagination, that would jump right out of the canvas at you, or receed into the illussion of deep space, and would create them in any pose that you could imagine…all from imagination.
He learned how to do it by studying the works of Michelangelo for years…:slight_smile:
ANYWAY, …GET THAT BOOK, and all of your questions will be answered…FANTASTIC BOOK…I still find myself going back to it, whenever I have a problem in a figure or pose that i’m CREATING…The answers to my problem, are always found in that book,…without exception…:slight_smile:
You can buy it on the internet,…just type in his name…It’s for sure worth the investment, and will pay you back a million fold…:slight_smile:


Amazingly! :applause: :applause: :applause:
Working with color realy admire. I would love to see more paintings by you.


Hey Nabil!! beautiful work, dude!! :drool: :applause::applause: more!! more!!:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:


Hi Billy, I like your first drawing of the girl the best…it’s got a lot of movement and life to it, even though ti’s really simple. Being able to copy from photos is a good skill to have. Don’t think you need to rely on your imagination 100%. Take pictures yourself for references by using a friend or yourself as a model, or look in a mirror while drawing.
Anyway you are really good and have a lot of talent, keep at it! :slight_smile:


SpiritDreamer - thanks for ur suggestion on the book. I just got it and u’re right it really is a good book. It seems a little advanced for me but I’ll try the best I can to learn from it. Thanks again.

Deser & anandpg - thanks for ur comments.

Roja - I appreciate ur comments. I know that I should’nt rely too much on imagination but as an artist its just frustrating that I can’t seem to make something thats actually mine. But I’m not gonna give up so I’m gonna keep sharpening my skills. Again thanks for ur comments and tip. I’ll be sure to use it.


Hi …BILLY Z…:slight_smile:

That books not as hard as it seems…I never copied anything from it…I just sat down and read it…over and over…a few times…:slight_smile:
Then when I went to create my next figure, …everything of what I had read in the book made sense…I had to go back into the book to see what he wrote again, and how he actually did what he was talking about a few times as I created my figure…I didn’t find the pose in the book that I had started, but I did find the princables and answers that applied to the problems that I ran into while creating my figure…:slight_smile:
If you try out that peanut shape to start with, you will start to see things in a simple way…Just start with the peanut, …add the legs and feet…make them come out of the peanut at different angles and directions…then add your collar bones and attach the shoulder muscles to the collar bones, and then extend the arms and hands outward from the shoulder muscles,…again in different angles and directions,…put the neck/head/face on last, …Create a bunch of small figures at first, and put them together in the order that I described above…Make the arms and legs in as many different positions extending out from the peanut as you can think of…Go back and reread the section on FORSHOTENING,…and then the next time you crete those little peanut figures, you will see how that forshortening that you just read about applies to them…:slight_smile:
The way I did it, is by challenging myself to create more and more complex figure poses,…and then when I ran into a problem in the pose/figure that I couldn’t figure out, …I would go back into the book and find the answer to that particular problem…seems that I can never find the pose that I’m createing, but I can always find the answer to my particular problem in that book somewhere…:slight_smile:


Thanks Glen, I truly appreciate u sharing your methods with me. I’m hoping with lots of practice I can achieve my goal of creating my own original artworks. Again Thank You.

 I've been so busy lately that I forgot to post my OFDW piece in my sketchbook thread. I'm hoping to do a few more pieces later. 

Critiques are more then welcome.






Well just started on my second piece of the workshop. Decided to use Photoshop for this one. I hardly use Photoshop for painting so I’d thought I’d pratice more on it. I’d appreciate any helpful advice/tip/comments & critiques.





I FINALLY managed to get my sister’s digital camera!!:scream::scream: Really need to get one for myself one day or a least a scanner to post my works here. Anyway here’s SOME sketches and exercises that I’ve done over the past 3 years, I’ll post in more later. Most of my sketches here were copied mostly from comic books.

I would appreciate some comments and also some advice or exercises that I should do to improve my skills.

Thank You.