Sketchbook Thread of Bill Melvin - 2D/3D


I finally decided to get a sketchbook thread started. I want to get in the habit of doing daily sketches. Even though I’m an illustrator, I don’t ‘really’ draw or ‘really’ paint enough. I produce a lot of 3d modeled objects and scenes for my illustrations instead of hand rendering them, using Photoshop more as a retouching tool then a painting/drawing tool. So, this should be motivating.

I decided to do a dark moody portrait yesterday and picked Brando in the character of Kurtz from the movie Apocalypse Now as a subject. So here’s pic #1, done in PS:


Woo hoo! :slight_smile: It will be great to see your work here, I was definitely hoping you’d start up a thread. Great start and looking forward to more!



That’s awesome. Very moody. :slight_smile: His eye keeps following me around the room…


yeah! will definitely be following this sketchbook - awesome start :slight_smile:


WOW!!:eek: Welcome aboard, sir!


Yep, I’m also looking forward to this…


Thanks for the welcome everyone.
Here are some gesture figures drawn small in PS, with a few of the poses inspired by Bumskee’s dynamic gesture drawing collection, peppered with a few sketchy skulls. I’ve got to get in the habit of doing more of these.


Some great studies and interpretations.

Can’t wait to see your 3d elements aswell.


Ah, cool to see digital gestures…that’s something I should do more of.


yeah good one - I’ve started doing digital gestures just at the beginning of the month - found mine way less impressive hehe so I’m not posting but it’s definitely motivating to see this! :buttrock:


the lighting is amazing I love this pieces.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Here’s another sketch. She’s no one in particular. I’m still experimenting with custom PS brushes to get that one brush I feel totally comfortable with for sketching and general painting in PS. I think I’m narrowing it down.

Since this thread is bare, I decided to add some things I did from a couple of Rebecca’s workshops that I participated in.
This was from the 2d workshop# 022:

This is from the hands workshop#023:

Here’s a cheesy, hand on chin, self-portrait I did years ago (note the glasses). An illustration rep I work with did a promo catalogue showcasing his artists and each artist had to do a small b&w self-portrait, which was printed in a square box in the page header over their work on the page. So this was mine, done in oil, back in my pre-digital days in early 2000 (I went digital later that year). –There’s nothing like ‘real’ paint to do a painterly painting with.


It’s awesome to see your sketchbook thread here. Welcome!. Great start on the Brando paint…


:bounce::arteest:beautiful stuff Bill, more more!!!


Hi Bill, great work. i like the hand studies! Keep going.


really awesome thread sir!


Great eye. I admire your work, especially the anatomy studies in your web site. After looking those, I said myself, “man, you have got to learn a lot!”, then start doing so and that’s what I’m hoping for :smiley:


Everyone, thanks for the comments.

I’m still in portrait phase. I think working on likenesses is a great way to hone observational skills. It’s easy for lines and shapes to wander off and dictate their own look when working on faces.
Here’s an attempt at Jack Nicholson, done in PS:


woah, nice one Bill - great capture of him!


Cool stuff - I liked the direction of that first Brando portrait, any way we can convince you to do more along those lines? :slight_smile: