Sketchbook Thread of Aviva


I just got a fright when I saw my drawings on my brother’s computer, the colours and contrast are horrid. I don’t know if its just his old screen, or if it’s because I’m working on a laptop. My old laptop had really poor contrast, but I assumed this one would be better since its fairly new. I know how to calibrate colours between programs on one computer but no idea how it works between computers. How do the colours look to you?

Johan - lol, that must be one hell of a hairy person… I think I’ll give that exersise a go. :slight_smile: Thanks for telling me about it!

Rebecca - Thank you for the welcome! I’m using painter. Will look into Artage, but until I get a job even $20US is out of my price range. lol, I somehow ended up completely broke in weeks that followed Christmas. Working on the job thing though. Also trying to work out if I know anyone with a scanner I can use. What really sucks is the local library had one, but it’s been shut down because the shopping centre it’s located at is undergoing major (2 years worth of) renovations.

Hi Roja - The monkey’s holding a snowball. :slight_smile:

Asatira - Thanks!

I started this one with the intention of it being a 15 minute sketch but I couldn’t seem to stop. It ended up taking several hours, lost track of exactly how many.

Edit: I should really learn to use the preview function. I always see errors after I post!


So many new faces in the forum these days. Great to see.
Haha, it’s always like that, you post something and then notice your mistakes. Hapenned to me and others more than once :slight_smile:
Welcome, and keep up with the studies!


Thanks for the welcome Razz! :slight_smile:

Some quick hummingbird sketches.



Started off for the 15 minute sketchathon…

…then continued for another few hours.



Some frog studies and brush experiments done in Painter using various references from GettyImages, Corbis, and National Geographic. If anyone would like to see a particular reference image, let me know.


Awesome frogs! The shading is quite nice too on the human studies too. The muscles aren’t quite there on the second human study.


Beautiful work, love these frogs! I also really like the grayscale figure you did. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Last week my laptop decided it wasn’t going to turn on at all (finally got round to fixing it) so I don’t have much digital stuff to show. Been doing some pencil drawings and my brother agreed to see if he could fix our old scanner, so fingers crossed!

Thanks Womball! Ok, must work more on muscles. I knew it didn’t look right, but all my non-artistic friends and family insisted it was perfect, as they always do. Thats where places like this come in handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca! :slight_smile:

Some more from the sketchathon:


I like the progression between the 15min sketch and the longer drawing/painting. Very good work on the eagle. Keep going, and I’d love to see some traditional practices too. It’s always fun to work in different media.


Enjoyed going through your thread…nice rendering skills on those frogs…:thumbsup: …would really like to see you render those humming birds…my favorite bird…little living jewels…:slight_smile:
I also like the figure in frame #9…nice job there…:applause: :thumbsup:
If you are interested in taking your figure studies further, you might check out some of Burne Hogarth’s books…Dynamic Anatomy, and Dynamic Figure Drawing, are two that will really help you out in your studies to start with…:slight_smile:


Asatira - Thank you! :slight_smile: Working on trying to show some traditional stuff. My brother managed to get our old scanner working on his puter, I got excited and he said I could use it the next day when he wasn’t home. The next day his puter’s main hardrive crashed. The scanner wont connect to my laptop because its requires a serial port connection, which my laptop doesnt have. Just can’t win at the moment!
I tried out prismacoloured (I mean prismacolOred! :P) pencils for the first time today :love: Drew a Ulysses butterfly, and then I think I had a little too much fun with the blender. Can anyone tell me what the best way of sharpening them is? I afraid a few of mine came with already broken leads :frowning:

Hi Glenn, hummingbirds are adorable little things, never realised just how colourful they could be 'till I saw an article on them in National Geographic the other month. Just had to sketch some after seeing that. I think I will have a go at rendering some. :slight_smile:

I was looking at Burne Hogarth’s “Drawing Dynamic Hands” a few days ago in our local bookshop. I was looking at all the anatomy/figure drawing books, there were so many I had no idea what to choose, they don’t have his other ones at the moment so I’ll see if I can track them down. Thank you very much for the recomendation!


It’s been a while. Since I last posted I got a job, bought a new scanner, and got Burne Hogarth’s “Dynamic Anatomy” for my birthday (thanks heaps to my friends who gave it to me!), so have lots to show. For now here’s a few small sketches I used to test the scanner.

An old watercolour pencil drawing:

Sketch of kitten from a tissue box:

Tried out my Prismacolours for the first time:

Will scan more stuff later. :slight_smile:


Your stuff is looking good keep it up. Most of your animals come out quite good and your human characters aren’t that bad either, some are quite good (particularly the muscular guy). I think the perspective on the hands is a little off posted on 2/12/07, the two fingers sticking out on the hand on the right should be coming towards the POV more, as it is it looks like they’re being unnaturally twisted.


Hi Aviva, good work here! I like the frog studies and the last cat looks really nice too. Maybe you should work more on the anatomy (try to construct the skeleton), that could help to make the animals look even more natural. Keep going!


Windarr true, didn’t notice ‘till you pointed it out, the fingers aren’t quite in perspective, must have moved my hand whilst drawing it. Thanks! Perspective is something I need to work on.

Thanks batte812 ! Yes, I do need to focus more on anatomy. I actually borrowed “Animal Anatomy for Artists” but then I got sick and started working full time, so had to return it before I actually got to use it. Is there an animal anatomy book that you would recommend?

Assorted heads. Some quick small sketches from TV (can anyone work out what I was watching?) and magazines that were lying around, eg. fashion catalogues, footy mag etc.

Houdon – Bust of the Artists Wife, from the anatomy lesson, part one, thread.


Thanks batte812 ! Yes, I do need to focus more on anatomy. I actually borrowed “Animal Anatomy for Artists” but then I got sick and started working full time, so had to return it before I actually got to use it. Is there an animal anatomy book that you would recommend?

Hi Aviva, i studied the basic human anatomy through Loomis, which is a great starting place. I domwnloaded Animal Anatomy by Bammes, but it was a russian version so i didn’t get far. Ken Hultgren’s The Art of Animal Drawing looks interesting, but i only found it recently. Further i downloaded a lot of animal skeletons and pictures form the internet. Hope this helps.



Congrats on getting Hogarths Dynamic Anatomy…:thumbsup:
His Dynamic Figure Drawing, is the next book of his that you should add to your personal library if you can…It shows you how to put what he teaches in Dynamic Anatomy to practical use…forshortening, motion, ect…GREAT BOOK…:slight_smile:
You will learn something from any study that you do, but I think the most can be learned from doing studies from the OLD MASTERS.
For animal motion, rythum, ect., you might try doing a couple of studies of some of RUBENS animals…you will learn a lot from those studies…I’m sure…:slight_smile:
Keep up the great work and progress…looking forward to seeing more.:thumbsup:


No prob. Your rendition of the “Bust of Artist’s wife” looks like it turned out very well. I agree with SpiritDreamer about the nice line quality.


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