Sketchbook Thread of Anisha Nagpurkar


Hi This is Anisha. I am taking this platform to share some of the pages from my Sketchbook. I have taken several Daily Art Challenge like Inktober and Sketch a day to help myself keep doodling, drawing and painting any kind of art i want on a regular basis, to draw everything I have always wanted to draw. Be it Fan art, original concepts or just random illustrations. To breath art every living day of my life. Also hoping this will help me grow a lot … maybe find my own style.
This Thread will be my regular drawing board where you can check out my artworks and its process. Hope you find something you like. :slight_smile:

Before that Sharing some of the Inktober Sketches from last year.







Getting my hands on Watercolor Sketching. I have taken upon myself the 366 days of Art Challenge this year. I am loving this medium till now. Excited to share some of the pages from my sketchbook here. I do have other social apps where I regularly post my progress and everyday updates. If u like anything you see do let me know!! also any questions and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: Thankyou