Sketchbook Thread of Alena Hovorkova


Awsome Works Alenah… as usual great gif tutorials. :applause:


Hi Michal, you are welcome, glad if it´s of some use …

Hey Bart, thanks for dropping in!

Bhaskar, glad to see you here too, thanks!

yesterday I did some hard-drive data re-organizing, and came acros this old illustration of mine - for which I screen-recorded the painting process (just a few minutes of final detailing actually) …
did I ever post it here at CGS somewhere?
(I am posting my staf here and there from time to time, different places/forums, so now I really can´t remember :slight_smile: … just sorry if double post)

its a very old painting actually (painted in Painter X using airbrush & airbrush-blending)
that I did to test a hyperrealistic style (took really a lot of time),
so - I thought I´d post it here,
perhaps this could be of some interests for someone here too …

here´s the movie (*mov) to download >>
pls note, big file, about 13 MB

cheers, a.


finally something a bit newer,
spent last evening with those two guys …

a head/light study (very quick & rough)

and something - let´s say - one-eyed-creature … :slight_smile:
that I started with pencil drawing,
then added some more shadows/patterns,
then blended in Painter …
still wip …
cheers, a.

a 3-step *gif animated process

and - if someone is interested -
here´s the movie to download >>
(just a few minutes short demo, about 4 MB)


just another stage …


… nose studies


some “animal-creature” designs …


Damn woman, how do you do that?
You’re able to make such intruiging illustrations with so few info.


thanks, Johan :slight_smile:
actually - I was just testing a “new economic” technique - using only a simple round brush + some simple pre-defined patterns (since - recently - for some reason - my Painter keeps crashing down all the time, so - if I want to paint in Painter - I only can use these simple brushes)
but - maybe it was good for something, though :slight_smile:
(I´ll have to reinstall my Painter again soon, anyway :frowning: )

here´s just some little quick fun (testing my watercolor inks … )


Wow, LOVE the first creature in the post before! Looking great. I like it how you play with the look of the image, so refreshing. And so free and lively, unlike the Bargues I’m doing now :smiley: Do show more of those!


Yeah don’t talk to me about Painter :frowning:
Mine ran fine for a couple of months on my new system (win7RC-64bit) but it’s pretty screwed up now as well… I’m trying to hold on until I have to replace my win7 (I run the test version) with the retail OS.

Maybe you can post your specific problem on the forum?
That forum is frequented by the Corel Painter Development team. They might be able to help you.


A gift for you, - “GOOD!!”

Would love to see more of your traditional method for paintings. Ink - watercolor and sketches. Keep posting. God Speed Alenah!!!


Tautvydas/razz thanks - so glad to hear you like the style :slight_smile:
(btw - I have always been curious about how “Bargue lessons” look like … I never attended any art school, so I do not know -
anyway - in the end - looks like it is considered a good practice for any artist, is it?)

Johan, yeah, reinstalling Painter over and over really sucks, this was the 3rd time I did this year :frowning:
about the - one of my friend was trying to get some help there, but it did not seem to be of any help to him -
but I do not know, did not try out myself yet …

ltken84, thanks, hopefully I´ll post some sketches from my sketchbook soon too …
(I´ll have to scan them first, hate scanning, lol :slight_smile: )

today I did some quick speedie - a creature (I have no idea where this one may go :slight_smile: )


You know I’ve been wondering what it is that gives your creatures that instant “WHAM-BAM-SLAM-in-the-FACE-WOW” look.

I think it’s because the eyes often look like pearls. In combination with the brows you always manage to give them this intruiging expressions. I’m making a note to myself here to plan some studies of pearls. I guess my son will have to dig up his old marbles LOL.
Last one is cool, looking forward to more!


hey Johan …
love your English you are using :slight_smile:

at the moment I still have no time for any personal work,
but - in case this could be of some interest - lately I was working on a series of some “fashion/woman” editorial designs - so I am posting a few of those here, too …
take care, a.


Hi Alena, great effect with these watercolors!


Hey Alena!! How are you doing? Great going, as always!:thumbsup:


Hi Bart, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Anand - this is exactly what I wanted to ask you, btw :slight_smile:
me - pretty busy, working on some (more or less) interesting projects, almost no time for personal work (and almost no browsing/activity on forums), lately :frowning:
thanks for dropping me a line!

just finished 1st stage of the game character concepts I was working on
(still cant´ provide more info - looks like the project is about to be stopped for a while, due some financial/budget issues, I don´t know … ),
anyway - here´s one of those character concept designs -
the Steampunk Warrior …

or - in case someone is interested in seing a bit more,
I´ve uplodaded some more concepts/sketches
into my Behance-Network portfolio,
incl. a short screen-captured movie (link here) >>

Take care, a.


Woaaahhh Alena!
Great work… i love this character


Wow! cool watercolor works and nice steam punk warrior, very interesting concepts-Alena


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