Sketchbook Thread of Alena Hovorkova


hi, I am new here, and I am not quite sure how this place works - I hope I am not breaking any rule by posting here …
if anyone is interested - and if this is not out of topic here - here are some of my recent quick gesture sketches (about a few seconds each), plus some face/head anatomy studies … comments and critiques are always welcome, thanks, a.

angry face/head anatomy study:

quick head study + refined/stylized version:



as far as i know, you are exactl in the right place :slight_smile:

your sketches are great! you say you only needed a few seconds for each? … amazing!
i love those sketches

and those head studies are great as well! love to see more of your work
(the first post and so inspirating stuff for me, thanks :slight_smile: )


WOW! really cool sketches!! love the looseness and confidence in them… Give us more!!:bounce:



Couldn’t say it any better than Anand and Sebastian just did…Really like that angry face…STRONG WORK…:thumbsup:
Really looking forward to seeing MORE…:slight_smile:


Alena, GReaT WORK! love your sketches! nice line.
look forward to see more of your work!


hi Kroman, SpiritDreamer, anandpg and Bapke - thanks for your replies, I am glad you like it …
I am adding a (really) little example of a quick sketching demo (I could only capture digital sketching in Painter, the sketches I added last time were drawn with a real pencil in fact); the demo is playing in a real time speed (I mean no timelapse, sorry if my English is not precise enough) - I hope the animation will show, if not, please let me know, I´ll try to fix it then somehow; and - I am also adding something little bit different - two dragons´concept, mother and her baby; its the first rough sketch concept (+ closeup), I actually started to prepare the final painting out of the sketch, but have never finished so far … I changed the dragon baby “look”, but I am not quite sure, if i like it this way - maybe I should stick to the first version :slight_smile:
I hope you´ll like it too, if not, let me know anyway :slight_smile: thanks, take care, a.


Hey there Alena :slight_smile:

Nice sketches in here- i’ve looked on your demo and i think that u should try a software called Open Canvas. There is a function named “Event”- program is remembering all of your moves, and when u save the event and then open it, then u see all of your steps you have taken. HERE you have my sketch on youtube, made in OC- it’s not quite good quality, but it’s only an example :wink:

Take care.



hi, a few other sketches/studies …
the first (second, third) image added is a head/hair study (and a brief animation demo of the process) …

and a few pencil sketches/studies …

btw - selphoo,
thanks for your reply, a.


Beautiful work alenah, welcome! :slight_smile:


one more time, this time a few head studies/sketches …


Rebeccac, thanks for welcome, nice place here …


Thanks alenah! :slight_smile: It’s always nice to have talented new artists aboard.


You are so great. Great works and thanks for the demo. :slight_smile:


great lines :slight_smile: really enjoyed watching your demo…


Interesting style. I like the fluid linework. The one with the dragon is very nice. So shiny, but that’s not the reason why it’s so nice. I’m not sure which one I like better, the sketch or the more worked on one.
Good stuff!

Aaand welcome! :smiley:


sycen, Magdalena and razz, thanks :slight_smile:

a few more portrait sketches …

… and a little one :slight_smile:

thanks for watching, a.


OMG!! :eek: … You really rock… you do!! MORE! MORE!!:bounce:


hi anand, thanks
I am glad you like it :slight_smile:


hi, a little update,
two rough/quick “music” concepts for a cover of a magazine …

 some eye studies (the last one/airbrush is only a stylized/simplified version of a proper anatomy eye) ... 

 and - I am not sure if this is a good idea, but I´ll try - my first 3D model;
 first off I have to say - I am not a 3d artist :) 
 I only started to learn ZBrush a few weeks ago .. 
 I used to sculpt using the real clay before, now I am trying to forget about it 
 as I fell in love with ZBrush from the very first minute I saw it :)
 the model is not very good one, I know (I mean the polygons are somewhat oddly stretched behind the ears, the eyes are washed out/only half-way done ..), but I like it (it took me almost the whole night to get it to where it is now, 1st try, perhaps the next models I will try will look better .. )


Hi Alena!! Awesome stuff, needless to say!:thumbsup: thanks for the gifs. It is interesting to see your bold, effortless strokes. Great to see 3d from you as well!.. If you want to try out some base-meshes, here are a few:

Here are some that Siju Thomas posted in Glenn’s thread:

Happy sculpting!! :scream: