Sketchbook Thread of Aggie93


06 Jan 21: Sketch from last night



Good to see your Anatomy Thread! Very nice drawing you have here ~ looking forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:

The one thing that I would request is that you limit the size of the images that you post to no more than 800 pixels wide by appropriate pixel length. Try not to post huge images ~ so people don’t have to scroll to see your image.

You always want to save your large image for yourself, but create a smaller copy to be posted to the web. Be careful not to resize your original image ~ always make a copy and then resize that for web posting.

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Well, after a month of having Art Rage, I am submitting my first digital painting. I am having a hard time. I think it is because I am having to use a touch pad mouse on my laptop to do this. I need a tablet and pen. This is as fine a brush stroke as the software would let me get too.


Hey aggs, Great to see your thread go up! :slight_smile: OMG, you did that piece with a touch pad mouse? :eek: Walk, do not run, to your favorite internet site and order yourself a wacom!

People always recommend to me for discount stuff. Check there to see if they have an inexpensive one.

You should post your OFDW pieces here as well! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Rebecca - Thanks. It took awhile to do that because my finger kept getting heywire with the strokes. I kept having to erase.:shrug: It is kinda like finger painting!:thumbsup:

Whatcha mean, double post my OFDWs? Once on the OFDW and once on this thread?:eek:


LMAO ~ double~posting to your Anatomy Thread is kosher and the standard practice Aggs ~ the OFDW threads are about group work, and your Anatomy Thread like a diary of your work. You can of course get feedback in both places. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :wink:



I just checked out that website, newegg. I found seven wacoms. One is under $100 the rest seem to be over $200. Whats the deal?

Oh, and I thought I’d leave this dedicated to digital art. Seeing it is a CG forum. My other work is traditional, something I am more comfortable with. Right!?



The graphire’s have less sensitivity and lack nice things like extra buttons The intuos models are much better for drawing/painting. I have read in more than one place that if you’re doing any sort of drawing/painting the intuous is well worth it.


Hi Aggie! Good to see your participating here… and I have to say, given thats using artrage and a mouse tracker pad, I’m bloomin’ impressed! They have to be two of the most unweidy tools for digital painting, and you’ve still manage to capture a sense of line and form regardless. Definitely get a wacom! The graphire ones arent as good as the intuos ones, but, if you’re just starting out, the cheaper option can be better to try it ou and see if it works for you. I worked on the smallest graphire tablet digitally up until just before christmas when I splashed out on a load of new kit, including a intuos A4 tablet, which is the bees knees, but I can still get pretty much the same results with the smaller one by fiddling with brush and sensitivity settings in Photoshop. If you can afford the slightly bigger A5 one, then go for that rather than the intuos, I’d say, cause I’ve found having the ability to flow with curves was more important to me than having better sensivity to pressure.

And I will respond to your Pm soon too… I’m not online at home, which restricts what I can do and let you see the set up I work with with the pencils. In the meanwhile, I’d love to see some of your traditional stuff… although this is a CG website, alot of the anatomy stuff here incorporates traditional work too.


OK, I will post my OFDW 12 here too, since I got Rebecca’s blessing.

Zepyhri - Thanks! I wished I could pass the cost off as a business expense. I am just a cartographer professionally. I have a summasketch III with a 16 button mouse for digitizing. That was a business expense. Painting and drawing is my passion, it just doesn’t pay. I will send you a PM on my site with my art work.



Here is my WIP on the OFDW 14. Bad picture, I will see if this hotel has a scanner later.


Heya aggs, you have ‘my blessing’ to post your OFDW piece as a picture and not as a link, as well! :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I do not guess I know how to do that. I use the mountain icon and it always comes up as a link, everyone elses does too, on my computer.




Refresh your page. Can you see the image now?


No It doesn’t seem to work.


You know when I insert the image it shows with the toggles to resize. Also it has come up where I can see others but when I go back to view later they’re gone.

Is there a cookie I need?


Thanks Rebecca, it seems to be working now.


ok now it is not. I shut downmy explorer and deleted the cookies and went back in and it worked. Then when I went back to view the thread they were gone.




Try posting the question here:

CGTalk Support Forum

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Here is my update for tonight. Woof, I had a bit to much to drink tonight. I cannot type. Again sorry for the picture. I got to find a scanner at this hotel. I found one so here it is: