Sketchbook: The Panda Pad


@gregoo23 and @Talaria: Thank you guys very much!

… Today’s Update: Lower torso construction. Really not happy about the perspective. Got kind of frustrated and stop for today.


… Today’s Update: We’re onto the legs this week and I thought I’d share a construction image on the major muscle groups. Since there were so many muscles to cover, we had to group a lot of them into basic shapes (eggs, tubes, etc).


Tried to figure out the locations of the major leg muscles in space today. Not the cleanest work and would certainly be easier with a live model (that isn’t me).


great studies Chua, love the “flow” of your lines


Right, and now you are going digital. The character of the charcoal/pencils will make a transition into your digital drawings. You are one of those guys/gals that cannot touch a pencil to paper without making something beautiful.


@Cisc0: Thank you!!

@soundwaves: Wow! Thanks for that comment!

… Today’s Update: Some 5-6 minute gesture drawings today. I’m pretty damn slow at gestures, but I picked two that I liked from the batch.


… Today’s Update: Some more charcoal on newsprint. Trying to retain as much Hampton technique as I can while its still fresh. :stuck_out_tongue:


… Today’s Update: Slightly frustrated. There is nothing more of a buzz kill when you set up a figure, only to realize you lost yourself in the process! Noobie mistake, I’m sure. But for today, I’ve had enough. Tomorrow is another day.


Today’s update: Finishing up an old painting I started earlier in this thread.


Amazing stuff all around here. I liked the anatomical drawings a lot. Looking forward to much more!


love your sketches ! can’t wait for more


really sweet works!! loved that last digital and I wish I could do figures drawing on paper that good! :stuck_out_tongue: keep them coming!! :buttrock:


Badass,… again


Wow! I’ve been away for a few months, but I was sure you have been absolutely killing it and of course you have! Very nice work. Your level of dedication and practice has always been inspiring, and I’m glad to see that you are really doing some next level stuff these days. Excellent work my friend!


@razz: Thank you, I hope to post much more regularly!
@Magierro: Thanks! I’d like to pump out more studies too!
@Shardana: Thaaaaank you!
@soundwaves: Lol. I love the random space between all those periods. Anyways, thank you!
@jabuhrer: I’ve been wondering where you’ve been lately. :slight_smile: Great to hear your back at your art! Thanks for the kind words!

… Today’s update: Have not drawn anything in a long time. Practicing my line drawing. Used an old magazine ad with a very beautiful Japanese woman.


… Today’s update: I thought I’d attempt a line and crosshatch study of the next Lara Croft. I love her new look, but I don’t think I captured it quite the way I’d have liked to… Pretty girls are so difficult to shade on the tablet.


You’re work is fantastic. You have a new tumblr followr!


Thanks Skeetch. Came by to post two more:


Beautiful work. I love the oversized eyes on the last portrait.


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