Sketchbook_Mohamed Aly Rabie.


Al salam alikom wa rahamh ALLAH wa barkato
Hi guys… I decided to open a sketchbook here, so I can have one more reason to keep studying and learning.
Hope you enjoy and have fun


Am kind new in digital sculpting but I made some stuff in the last couple months which I would love to take your opinion abut it



Also I recorded a simple part from my sculpting process of the smoky alien head

part 1 :-

part 2:-


wa alaykom al salm wa rahmat allah wa barakato:scream:

dude, that’s pretty cool specially the male head.

keep it up.


yeh the last models great. where you a sculptor before you started 3d?


Thanks man …i appreciated
i went to take a look to ur WIP thread …u made nice job …good luck 2 u too :slight_smile:


oo thanks man :slight_smile:
bo i didnt do any sculpting before 2d but after i went to VFS i did some basic stuff
its not that good But it help me a lot to understand the sellouts and shapes
i hope that i do more but i love to spent much time to do this kind of stuff in zbrush to get more knowledge abt technical stuff and artistic in the same time
here is something i made …it was my 1st sculpting


lol thats pretty cool. did you use supersculpy?


yeah man it’s sculpy


hey nice work man… impressive head sculpts… btw do you have two names? in arabic its Muhammad Ali Ramadhan but in others you have Muhammad Ali Rabie :curious:


Great work man, keep it up!


ahaha yeah thats my big problem whcih i face everyday from 2 yars now
my full name is mohamed aly ramadan rabie
but after i graduated from vfs
they write mohamed aly rabie on my degree and on my demo reel
so thats why i write mohamed aly rabie as vfs did
…thanks man…


thanks man :slight_smile:
here is my new update …wip for sure


here is a test i made on that torso



hey! finally got sometime to make something

here we go


Here is anther model


hey guys here is something i started with (WIP) …hope u like …critics plz


here is anther quick update


gr8 stuff man , go on :cool: