Sketchbook MiniChallenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: APRIL 2015


Welcome to the first Sketchbook MiniChallenge
the idea is simple DRAW as much as you can on one month.


The idea is simple.
Draw in one month as many Sketchbook pages and share them with the group.
At the end of the month we vote for the best collection

[li]You can DRAW on ANY MEDIUM and ANY LEVEL of completion. yo ucan draw on a sketchbook and scan your pages as you go.[/li][li] You can do as many or as little sketches as you wish.[/li][li]You can use this month topic “BEAUTY” for inspiration but you are not bound by it.[/li][li]The best collection will be VOTED ON by the end of the month.[/li][li]You may use the your DSF DAILY DRAWINGS(LINK)and your daily entry.[/li][li]AND Also ONE MEMBER can DARE another member to draw something[/li][li]POST as you draw daily YOUR SKETCHES ON THIS THREAD. If it is not posted here, its does not count as an entry[/li][li]FOR EACH SKETCH POST: SKETCH #/DATE/ MEDIUM/TOPICS.[/li]

The idea is that an the end of the month see who has more sketches.

[/ul]Good Luck




Sketch #1, drawn 4/1/15, (posted 4/2), pencil on paper then scanned in (no digital post done), theme DSF#3829 “The Lone Nut”. (Beauty theme hadn’t been posted yet).

April is an incredibly busy month for me but I will try to get as many in as I can.


My take on Beauty. :slight_smile:


Here are feiries in tropical flower) Every day they wake up after sanset and check the state of each flower


Classic drawing exercise of sketching an object without lifting pen/pencil off paper (in this case I’m using a tablet) or making erasures. And I tried not to look at the screen and looking more at the object whilst drawing. You’ve got me challenged first thing in the morning and without caffeine! :arteest:


Landscape painting is something I’d like to improve on and thought to do a matte painting sketch for day 2.


Bic Pen and marker on paper


^^^^ Wow, that is a really good picture Daniel. ^^^^

Sketch #2/ 4.2.2015 / Krita / Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Tried to sketch the doctor and nurse from the old “Twilight Zone” episode “Eye of the Beholder”


SKETCH 1 / 4.3.2015 / Photoshop/Beauty Landscape


Sketch#1/04.03.2015/fine line pen, marker/Beauty





Roberto, could we make this sticky? :slight_smile:


First sketch


Thanks Ryeath :slight_smile: Some great work so far!

April 3 entry. Beauty.
Bic Pen, Marker and Orange Pencil.


Inspirational women DanielH, had to try it too.

Maybe mine is asking, where is my beauty?


SKETCH 1 / 4.4.2015 / DIGITAL / Beauty in oddity


Ha some of my sketches probably shouldn’t see the light of day but at least it’s good practice for making a daily habit which will hopefully help me improve!

Sketch#2/04.04.2015/pen, marker/rough beauty


Sketch #3, 4/4/2015, Krita, “Bashful”