Sketchbook Mini-Challenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: MAY 2015


crowlena, very kind thank you. :slight_smile: Yea you’re right, shouldn’t be self critizing… Gotta find humour in some situations though, age be that one thing. :slight_smile:


Slejf, yes true:) At least you’re not one of those child prodigies, then I might have to go and cry a little.

Sketch#3/May.24.2015/Photoshop/Red: Necromancy


crowlena, I was better 8 years ago though :slight_smile: …been around this forum since the start 2003… my third cgsociety account this…


Slejf, that sure is a long time!O.O Haha I didn’t have internet access at home until 2006. I’ve head a few artists saying that about themselves. Maybe it’s because you’re more critical about your work now and hold it to a higher standard…possibly?

Sketch#4/May.25.2015/Photoshop/Red: Faces

Face studies from:


crowlena, I wouldn’t say critical. I mostly haven’t been drawing or painting these last 3 years.
I am coming back to drawing a little bit but after so many hours and dedication back in 2007 and putting my 12 hours a day into it I failed and lost interest because of it…

I stilll got a trained eye though I Believe but tecnique falls from the hands pretty fast. It’s the small things that makes much in the result.

Ahh 2006 is pretty late. I got my first Cable Connection back in 1999 You have broadband now?


slejf, yes I have broadband access now thankfully…and electricityXP Are you saying you lost interest because you feel you failed or because you overworked yourself? Either way seems a shame:( I like the stuff on your blog. It’s hard to be in high spirits all the time though…so much hard work.

Sketch#5/May.26.2015/Photoshop/Red: Guitarbot

Lol I’ll never get 30 pages done if I keep colouring these.


Sketch#6/May.27.2015/Photoshop/Red: Queen of Diamonds

Might work on this more…


crowlena, thank you very kind. :slight_smile: I like your drawing style, good work. :slight_smile:


Thanks slejf:)


Lol crowlena, safe to say that this page belongs to us. :smiley:


Haha apparently so. Last month’s challenge had so many more participants, I wonder if it was because of timing. As far as the challenge itself though…we didn’t make it very far this time lolXD