Sketchbook Mini-Challenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: MAY 2015


Welcome to the first Sketchbook Mini-Challenge
the idea is simple DRAW as much as you can on one month.


The idea is simple. 
 Draw in one month as many Sketchbook pages and share them with the group.
At the end of the month we vote for the best collection

[li]You can DRAW on ANY MEDIUM and ANY LEVEL of completion. yo ucan draw on a sketchbook and scan your pages as you go.
[/li][li] You can do as many or as little sketches as you wish.
[/li][li]You can use this month topic “BEAUTY” for inspiration but you are not bound by it.
[/li][li]The best collection will be VOTED ON by the end of the month.
[/li][li]You may use the your DSF DAILY DRAWINGS(LINK)and your daily entry.
[/li][li]AND Also ONE MEMBER can DARE another member to draw something
[/li][li]POST as you draw daily YOUR SKETCHES ON THIS THREAD. If it is not posted here, its does not count as an entry
[/li][li]And before we start lets start some introductions: (voluntary)
[/li]So tell us:
[/ul]Good Luck


Hello everyone! I hope this is the right thread to start posting daily sketches? I’m new to the site and i want to start uploading my daily/weekly work. So if somebody can advise me i’d greatly appreciate it! I am not sure how to upload an image from my desktop, if i drag and drop it seems to work so i hope that is ok?

I am from England but currently based in New Zealand. I have been traveling on and off since July 2009, and now i want to take my art up a few levels!

This is my first still life since i was at school years ago. Done in Photoshop in about 2.5-3 hours.

All comments/critique/advice welcome!




My name is Roy, a 50 year old construction worker with no art training (or skills apparently :rolleyes: ).

Started playing with Blender about two years ago and recently tried to start drawing. I have a mechanical pencil and some markers. I have also started trying to learn Krita and use a lot for 3D texturing and tweaking my Blender renders.

I have no aspirations in art other than a hobbyist and to try and improve as much as I can with my very limited free time.

edit: Forgot to add I’m in the Portland Oregon area.

Thanks for reading.

First picture for the month is “Flower One”, pencil on paper then colored in with markers.


Picture #2, “New Life at the Dragon Fern Farm”, trying to tie in the daily sketch with the monthly theme. Pencil on paper, scanned in.


This started out as a flower I swear. :slight_smile:


Ryeath, nice work. :slight_smile:


Thanks slejf.

Here are #3 “Abduction at the Dragon Fern Farm”, pencil n paper, did it last night,

and #4 “Flower Two”, pen on notebook paper then color pencil. I did it at lunch today.


Hello everyone I’m new. I started to draw some years ago, when I was at first year of highschool, and I’m interest in various mediums of illustration and other things. I read this post on fb, and I want to participate in this challenge, but It is already started? or it’s to late? Thanks.


Name: Michi Doan

Location: Southern California, USA

How long have you been doing art: I draw for fun when I was in high school. I attended college major in BFA and continue to pursue my passion in art as I am building up my career. I graduated from college recently for a year.

Favorite Medium: I have more than one favorite medium. I love to experiment new techniques and try out different media. I liked brush pen, water brush, watercolor, copic, pencil, color pencil, and digital media. I am constantly trying out new things because it’s fun. If it is only one medium, I think I pick mixed media.

Instagram: @michidoan
Facebook Page:

I am always fascinated in animations, films, comics, concept arts, and games. Currently, I am dedicating my focus in visual development. However, I enjoy all form of art whether it is an installation of light or an abstract painting. My goal is to create illustration for entertainment industry and bring joy to people around the world while expand my ability in storytelling. During my free time, I also like to learn different cultures, traditions, countries, languages, and astrology. I am available for freelance and commission. To contact me, please email me at

Day #1 Traveling to China’s Culture (Mixed Media)

Day #2 Traveling to Greek’s Culture (Pencil)

Day #3 Untitle (Pencil)

Day #4 Visiting China’s Culture (Pen)

Day #5 Traveling to Norse’s Culture (Mixed Media)


Something floweresque, made it on a post it. :slight_smile:


Starting to become more abstract.


#5 “Flower Three”. Pencil on paper, scanned in. Got me some actual drawing pencils. Now just need to learn how to use them. :keenly:


Wow this section really died, everyone picky on the subject?


I think so…
I will change the Month topic to



enjoy this moment of sketch


Very nice Kamlesh Talpada, maybe color the glasses red then BANG it meets the topic but this is a great sketch-- self? or someone you observed?


“Tree of Ribbons” (Digital)


I’m late to begin but I’ll give it a try anyway:)

Sketch#1/May.22.2015/Photoshop/Red: Rooster studies

Sketch#2/May.23.2015/Photoshop/Red: Good rooster vs evil rooster


To paint with the mouse is so 13 years ago. Good thing I’m only getting younger, oh wait…? :frowning:


Slejf, why want to be younger when you have great art experience now^^ Cool mouse painting red phantom figure thing<3