Sketchbook Mini-Challenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: JUNE 2015


Joel, great space art for June! Haha I have regrets for giving up so early.


Hi Natasha,

Hey. Thanks for the message. This was a good topic for me.

They say you can issue challenges here. I don’t know if I’m really prepared to do that. But, I still plan to pick up the next topic. So I should be rolling on that soon. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Right now, I’ve been spending some time getting the topic together. I know probably the major stuff, if I can say that, stuff I’ve read, shows I’ve seen. But there so much, it’s like a soap opera or Game of Thrones. Not as easy a topic as the space subject, which has been burbling about for a while. But, I’ll need to stamp on something here in a bit, since it’s cutting into the month already. I’ll see you there in a bit.

Thanks for the comment.


As stated on Facebook.

If you like a specific topic, GO crazy draw on this topic.


Not sure it is the good place to post it because I’m not paticipating to the challenge but here’s what I ended with a daily drawing for my son. Hope you like it and would share comments :

Bots on Mars



No this is great. And do keep posting