Sketchbook Mini-Challenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: JUNE 2015


Hi Robert,

Saw the note a little bit ago. Great to know. Thanks!


Joel, real good work, nice. :slight_smile: I saw the trailer with tomorrowland btw, looks cool. George clooney is a good actor.


Hi Slejf,
I’ll have tomorrow clear to work on things. Till then. Thanks.


Used similar tecnique with this one, select tool and custom brushes can get you far.


Hi Slejf,

That’s good. You’ve been working on things too. I’ve been looking at textures and brushes as well. It does seem to have to do with efficiency and working with happenstance. And, a lot of the weekend watching videos on this space painting stuff. I have more I’m working on, I can post tomorrow.




Kind followed the style here. I started with large-scale detail on the bottom coral reefs, and then started to realize the actual scale of the image, which wound up higher detail. \

I have some stuff maybe closer to the darker side, like the one below, in mind. But other stuff too.



Hi everyone… great work
my first post, maybe not a sketch but its something




Joel, You’re on fire, awesome. :slight_smile:


another one


Hi Slejf,

How’s it going? Thanks.


another one from me


Nice work!


Not so bad, one shouldn’t be complaining. You self?


Tried two different styles, not sure if this is better or the one above. I think there’s a certain interesting view in clean images, then again you can hide things in dirty pictures. :slight_smile:


I finally find some times to post things up for this month challenge.

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