Sketchbook Mini-Challenge: Can you do 30 Pages in 30 Days: JUNE 2015


Welcome to the Sketchbook Mini-Challenge
the idea is simple DRAW as much as you can on one month.


The idea is simple.
Draw in one month as many Sketchbook pages and share them with the group.
At the end of the month we vote for the best collection

◦You can DRAW on ANY MEDIUM and ANY LEVEL of completion. You can draw on a sketchbook and scan your pages as you go.
◦ You can do as many or as little sketches as you wish.
◦You can use this month topic “BEAUTY” for inspiration but you are not bound by it.
◦The best collection will be VOTED ON by the end of the month.
◦You may use the your DSF DAILY DRAWINGS (LINK)and your daily entry.
◦AND Also ONE MEMBER can DARE another member to draw something
◦POST as you draw daily YOUR SKETCHES ON THIS THREAD. If it is not posted here, its does not count as an entry
◦And before we start lets start some introductions: (voluntary)
So tell us:
Good Luck


please delete, accidentally duplicate post


LOCATION:Mars (or San Francisco, depending on the time of year)
HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE ART: Since I can remember
FAVORITE MEDIUM: Was John Edward, Crossing Over - but seems to be rubbish


Sketch#1/June.03.2015/Photoshop/Space: Barren Lands


Sketch#2/June.04.2015/Photoshop/Space: Spikey

Sketch#3/June.05.2015/Pencil/Space: The Space In Between


My first sketch for the June 30 day mini challenge for 6/8/15. I didn’t find it till yesterday, so I have some catching up to do.


My second drawing.
I went with probably the more obvious option, “outer space”. It’s what I’d rather do though. Working on other things to catch up the month, since I didn’t find the challenge till a couple of days ago.

Got a little confused on the lighting for the slick mini space plane.


My third drawing for the challenge.

I really will need to make some faster, probably simpler drawings for sleep and work.
I’ll catch up.


Water spout from under the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Pen sketch from earlier today to help catch up. Pretty similar composition to the Europa image, so I’m almost not sure I want to count it.

Weekend coming up. So there will be some time to catch up.


Joel Hageman, nice works, love those latest ones. :slight_smile:

See if I can do a drawing this weekend perhaps…


lol, maybe we should invite this guy to this thread? :slight_smile:


lol my god this became cheesy, got inspired by that youtube clip above but mine took 30 minutes and then I did end up with this. :slight_smile:



Hi. Thanks for all the kind words.

I agree, I think he’d do great on this topic. Can learn a thing or two from watching that video. So many other things wound up having to do over the weekend. One of them was actually going to see Tomorrowland. Love the Eiffel idea, if you’ve seen it.

Seriously, there’s probably stenciling techniques to learn from that method. I think your version turned out pretty cool, actually.

I think your concept stuff is pretty solid, too. Especially the horses and figures and just about anything full 3D scene, like street scenes. I’m still getting things like that figured out. (the tusk creature is sort of mythic. Don’t know what that came from.)

You know what? Agreed, time to post some quick pic versions, I think. Thanks for posting that link and the pic. Talk to you a little later.


JoelHageman, Appreciate it thank you. :slight_smile: Yea I agree nice conversating with you. My experience is that it’s always better to simplify when it comes to concepts etc so that you have a solid base to add detail to.
However I used to bend the rules a bit too much perhaps at the time when I was most active…

abstract is what I find most intruging in imagery…


I saw Tomorrowland over the weekend.

Slejf, thanks for the notes. The weekend kind of got out of hand with things to keep up on. I wasn’t sure what to post, so I made this. I like you’re idea. I’ll be getting going again, here.

Thanks for looking.


Picking this back up. Pen sketch scan. Did some of the quicker sketches to catch up.






Wow great work