Sketchbook/doodles/3D models for Critique


Hello CG peers!

After a period of time in which I experienced a 3D burnout, had no 3D creativity at all and was quite in a bad trip, yesterday I managed to finally sit down and do something fun. I basicly started doodling this alien thingy without any planning or pre concepting which was really fun to do! So I decided to post it here and also my future ‘doodles’ and even models I take to a further level which aren’t project related. I wish to gather some feedback and keep improving on a daily basis.

This is far from finished as you can see, but enough to show the general form and shape of the creature…


::::Latest Sketch:::::::

::::::Update on Beast::::::


Can;t see the image, “hotlink is not allowed”


Thx for notifying me, fixed, repped. :slight_smile:


I say if you are making the proportion similar to human, the lower leg (from the knee down) need to be longer. Its a little short at the moment, in my opinion. The upper arms also seems too thin compare to the lower arms.


Forearms and lower legs don’t look too functional and therefore believable yet. The rest is fine so far.


Thanks for the critique, I agree with most, altho I kinda extended the upper leg (quads) area of his legs a bit to get that goat leg look. Also yes, His upper arms are too skinny compared to his armored forearms which therefore doesn’t work well. Gotta start thinking more functional and what would actually work compared to what just looks cool…

Anyways will come back with an image when I get done with some other boring ‘work’ stuff and have time to work on him :slight_smile: The idea I came up with was this semi organic/armored alien which has all these ports around to connect with their technology… Like implants and stuff… So the forearms and legs are mostly armored but not tech metal armor but natural organic armor like you see on dinosaurs and rhinos etc…

Thanks once again!


Hello guys, I finally got to this and had a bit time to play around but this is as far as I will take him, it started as a doodle and it will remain one. Not gonna take it too seriously, it was just an exercise.

Anyways here’s the pic and tell me what you think and share critiques, critique on everything you can and give me some tips if you have. I will probably start working on my demo reel nowadays and I will probably be modeling a couple of characters (high and low poly), maybe a vehicle and some other stuff. If you have tips on whats best to include in a demo reel please tell me that as well.

Thanks all! :slight_smile: I hope the alien looks ok, sometimes me as an artist cannot see if something is wrong with my work or not so I need others to point it out, you can even do quick paintovers if you have the patience and the time.



Looks better, but totally not feeling the shells, or whatever they are on the forearms.

Also, I think there is just too much holes on his body. I would have stick to maybe three or less.


I agree, I am not completely satisfied with what I did but that’s why I did it, so I could not be satisfied with it and look upon and learn from my mistakes :slight_smile:

Also I have most experience with faces and facial anatomy but I am ‘branching out’ and learning body structure and getting the grasp of it… I still have a lot to figure out… And when I say anatomy I mean anatomy as it works in real life and not anatomy from scientific research and books.


Very good job! i would simply detail it further. :thumbsup:


Thanks mister3D! :slight_smile: It’s nice to hear a positive comment from you, means a lot :slight_smile: Not sure about detailing it tho, Aliens are not where my passion is xD but as I said there will be more characters to come because I will start working on my demo reel (again, tips for demoreel? anyone?)


New model I’m working on for the CG Challenge…

This is far from refined because It’s just a refference which I’m gonna retopologize and then throw it back into mudbox for details. It’s my interpretation of the seven headed beast with ten horns from revelations. It’s gonna be cool when I finish :slight_smile:


Started retopologizing and poly modeling in 3ds max. Looking good so far IMO…


Here’s an update guys, have a lot to do but this is the most complex character I’ve ever worked on… Still have to design and create the six remaining heads and make the natural armor that extends to the tail…



I think the creature looks good, but you may run into problem with space for 6 head. The size of the head, together with the horns seems to take up too much space, unless you wanted to make the other heads smaller or something.

I am guessing a possible solution is to extend the neck, then it may looks too head heavy, or maybe make the tail longer to give a bit of balance to the creature?

Lookibg forward to the next update


Thanks for the response… The remaining heads will be smaller than the ‘main head’ that hosts the ten horns. You can see in the concept sculpt how it works, the two heads to the left and right of the main head are medium size, and then there will be 4 small heads under. This also applies to neck length, giving a ‘gradient’ effect from the biggest head to the smallest ones. I thought it looks better and more practical this way as I could never fit all 7 same-sized heads into the frame of a leopard unless I went hydra style which would be too conventional and I wanted a more creative approach. :slight_smile: Once again thanks for the response, I appreciate it…


Silly me, I did not see the last page.

Now I have seen it again, I think there is no problem. cheers.


Hello guys, sorry for not posting in a long time. I failed to do the dragon in time because some things came up but he is far into being finished, I just didn’t want to post every small change but bigger updates so I will post the progress here soon enough…

I did a little exercise yesterday, was recording my sculpting and doing a head model… I did this in around 3 hours in Mudbox… Also, I added some coloring and eyes in photoshop :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hehe a draenei head sculpt I did as a joke, around 2h


Here’s another quick sculpt I did… around 1h 45min… I’m improving! :smiley:

Big update coming soon on the dragon! :smiley: