Sketch: Girl in Tub


This is a sketch I did that I’m thinking of maybe trying my hand at digital painting. Comments and Critiques welcome.


Try checking out the tutorials on
Especially the one about the facial features, eyes, nose and mouth.
First off your eyes are wrong. The pupils arent circles, and the iris isnt either. It’s extremely important to get thoose two things exact and precise othervise they mess up the whole image.

Also i find some wierd proportions i think. Like her breasts dont look all right to me… could just be the perspective cheating me, but still.

Finally her neck seems a bit thick somehow i think… again could be perspective, but hey im saying it like i see it :wink:

But you need to work on how eyes, nose and mouth really look, and not how you want them too look hehe :wink: I do the same thing myself where we revert to very simple drawins of such features, and thus get them looking ackward.
Try to really look at the subject and see how eyes are shaped, and how lines go. Remember you can suggest alot with a line, or even a hint of a line. And shading plays an important role… as not everything can be drawin in contour lines :wink:


tubgirl, haha, if anyone here has seen one of the internets most disgusting webpages (tubgirl) then you might think the title is funny like i do


lerpiedood!!! Long time no see!

Awesome woman! :smiley:

P.S. I still need to give you that lightwave book back! :slight_smile: Now it should be easier for me since I’m home now (was at provo, etc. etc. etc. lol).


Thanks for your critiques.

Swoop, much thanks for the critique, I do tend to use lines to much to define things, rather than shading, but that’s mainly because I usually don’t sketch with the proper equipment. For example, I sketched that with a crappy mechanical pencil that had a bad eraser. If I was using some good pencils and erasers, I would most likely shade it and use white and various shades to make things stand out. As for the shape of the eyes, mouth, and nose, I would say that they are pretty acturate, the iris could use some reworking maybe, but I’ve spent quite alot of time in the past studying facial anatomy.

Dassbaba, yeah, I could have named it girl in bath, but it was a subliminal title to lure people who have seen that disgusting image to view my post. Dirty trick I know, but it works.

DM7, yes, it is me, back at the art. We’ll need to meet some time so I can get back that book. Though I have switched back to Blender since 2.3 came out, I love the new interface and features. I’m also considering going to the UofU because they got alot of good stuff in film production.

anyways, I have started painting the image. I’m a newb at digital painting though, and really don’t have much of a clue how it will turn out, so…


hehe blender is great… but I guess I have lost interest in blender for a while. I’m more interested in digital painting now. No idea why though.

yeah :slight_smile: good idea we can meet anytime. I’m pretty free anytime… yeah.

was fun seeing you in hawaii btw. hehe

cya for now :slight_smile:

Btw… the digital painting… well it looks like its ok… keep going :slight_smile: p.s. the right link :wink:


thats a really great sketch, much better than I could do.

I disagree on the comment about the iris and pupil; they look circular to me, and didn’t stand out as something that needed work.

Great job, keep it up.


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