Sketch Character Tests


A character that I am working on… wanted to see what you guys thought.


very nice, your colours and shading realy help to give a marker or watercolour feel, ut the hammer isn’t working for me right now, something about its shading doesn’t feel the same as everything else. Great workso far I"ll keep an eye on this ones progress.

Also I’d soften the shading on the pants just a little.

I also used my 4000th post on this thread, man, 4000 posts, a sure sign of lack of a life.


thanks Kai :slight_smile: yeah, I think I will take a look at the hammer today… its kinda cool looking, but you’re right, it doesn’t match the rest of the model.

here’s a really quick lame-o animation I did this morning as my second deformation test… don’t really know much about animation, but I’m learning…

one good result of this second test is that it revealed problem areas of the mesh for me, like the knee and where the belt intersects the body.


I agree, very nice shading. Gives this model alot more character. S&T is on my wishlist too.



Thanks a lot Bobtronic, for your comment, much appreciated.

Nothing special, just some more renders:


wow bud thats an unusual looking guy you got there.
i really like that light coloured look you got…as kia mentions it has an almost water colour feel to it or at least a washed feel. on the close up of the head the outlines look pencil like which also work. I’m not sure i’d want you to change it much really…but 1) not sure how it would look in surroundings as it might fade into background to much 2) would also like you to experiment even if you didn’t keep with the watercolour feel…eg try and get some really wide brush stokes on there…and maybe even play this those pencil outlines a little…but just as an experiment atm as it may/may not improve it but worth trying nontheless i recon.:shrug:
hope this helps dunno what others feeling are on this though.


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Thanks Flingster,

Yeah, I’m gonna do some more tests with the shader today, and I might change the line material because I don’t like how much it flickers during animation tests. I’m pleased with the shader so far, but I think with some work I can really make it look great. As to questions about whether or not it will look good in a scene, well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

I’m actually making facial expressions right now, and when I get a good ways, I’ll post some so that hopefully the experienced animators or anyone who’s interested can join in and help out.

I also have a few companion characters I’m working on, so hopefully I’ll be able to post those at some point.


ooh yes we like to see companion characters also.
i like the light colour to it…v unusual


Does anyone mind explaining the posemixer workflow to me? Like what gets parented to what, and what goes where? I’m coming from maya with the whole morph target thing… and the mocca manual has like 1 page on this… I’m just a little lost… can import models from another program… for example. I was doing my morph targets in maya cuz I wanted to export them to motionbuilder… so I just made morph targets the way I normally would, duplicating etc. But then I decided that’d like to just bring them into c4d… so I exported everything as obj files. Will that not work? Should I make duplicates in c4d? Anywayz, I’m just wondering how people normally go about the process in c4d. Thanks.


Nevermind, I figured it out…

more to come.


oh cool, my 100th post…


looking good but on the whistle like to see more exaggerated look to it…(but i nothing about the whole posemixer thing so can’t help ya sorry.)


just keep going, just keep going… hehe looks good to me.



Jeez, its been a long time… shouldn’ta left you… without a dope beat to step to- step to, step to… ste- Oh wait… sorry, I thought- wait…

At any rate, despite my poor rendition of an Aaliyah song that I’m sure none of you recognized… it has been a long time since I posted an update… this got lost in the R9 swarm… hope you guys like the progress:

lowpoly head

lowpoly character


preliminary comp on an animation… obviously the full res version looks much better… if anybody has any tips on compression for the web, I’d love to hear it…

the environments are painted in photoshop, and the leaves were rendered with S&T in c4d.
gonna rerender the leaves tonight at about 1/4 slower.


next step: rigging the character to try comping him into the scene.


very cool update…really like those first two though…unusual look to them…and info on method?


Hey Flingster,

Thanks, yeah, for the most part I like how they turned out… as for methods, I just rendered out basic geometry in cinema without any materials/textures, and then painted those renders by building up layers of color using the basic brushes in photoshop. Actually big shout out to InTheCity for inspiring me (with a recent thread of his) to finally try digital painting.


Completely OT but I can’t resist, the lyrics you quoted are originally from the great Rakim, probably the most eloquent rapper in history, in I Know You Got Soul. For another bit of history, you might notice that the 80s classic Pump Up the Volume samples the same track a couple of lines later.

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Ahem, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I really like your landscape paintings. They have a great watercolor feel to them.



keep em coming, i love them!