Sketch Challenge 2018


Karmissa / Ismail info here


Hi everyone,
I am Kamila Szutenberg and I am a Polish artist based in Germany. I have been doing concept art and illustrations
for companies such as Bethesda, Virtuos, Fantastic Yes, Slitherine Games, Fantasy Flight Games and
other. I just love to create worlds, these imaginative places and it really makes me happy when someone says: I wish I could live there.

Each year I am challenging myself to do 30 environments pieces, which originally started as an idea from my
good friend Marek Mazur, I have to give him credit for that :slight_smile: Doing this together helped us stay motivated and we were a great support to eachother. I also think it is very important to get feedback on a piece as soon as possible, because the emotional attachment isn’t there yet and it is easier to change things, without thinking about wasted time. So I am encouraging you guys to start sharing your sketches with us, we will do our best to give you feedback and occasional overpaints!


Very happy to have you here. Looking forward to this.


I lack storytelling and good composition in my images…I want to learn as much as I can here.Thanks Kamila for creating this.


This is very cool.


Hi John,

happy to have you here :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! Looking forward to doing this with you guys :slight_smile:


Amazing! where should I post these sketches? I’m new here and I don’t quite know how this whole forum works. :thinking:


Hey, sorry for the late response. Just make a new thread :slight_smile: