Sketch and Toon's Future & Alternatives


I don’t think Sketch and Toon can be beat. There are so many options and looks one can achieve. To me that feature set is a major selling point for C4d against competitors.

The one huge drawback is that rendering S&T is glacially slow as it’s not multi-threaded (and of course doesn’t tap into GPU acceleration at all).

The new test version of Octane includes a cel shading option. And I read in passing that Arnold has some sort of Toon or Cel Shader. VRAY has a cel shader–at least in the Max version 3.6. I don’t know if it’s in the C4d version of VRAY…or might be in the future.

I look forward to playing around with the Octane cel shader.

Even more…I hope the c4d v20 release addresses accelerating the native S&T. It’s remarkable…but painful to output.


Sketch and Toon is what got me back into C4d (and the incredible EJ Hassenfratz).

The Octane render implementation looks great - but I wonder about speed. This example was from 2016. They’ve been working hard on it. The results look awesome.


And of course, I’m on a Mac so I have to wait for eGPUs to not be a mess. :wink:


Yes, Chris…EJ rocks it w/sketch and toon. He’s also an Octane guy so we’ll probably at some point see what he can do w/that new Octane cel shader.

Given the popularity of “flat design” this whole area of 3d is one to keep an eye on.