Skeleton moving indepently of skin


Hi all,

                  I have a model of a spider that I have made, and I’ve set up a skeleton for it and binded it to the polygon model. All my joints work fine, the spider’s legs move around as expected etc. 

                  When I translate/move the body of the spider in any direction however, the joints don’t move at the same rate. They still move, but start to lag behind the spider and progressively get further away. 

                  This happens whether I select the joints and the spider together, or whether they’re grouped and I move the whole group itself. 

                  Any ideas? I’ve had this happen before when grouping polygons, and I have no idea why. I feel like I’m missing something fundamental here


Sounds like double transformation. Do you have the mesh grouped under the skeleton, if so, it gets moved twice. Once from being a child of the skeleton and again for being a skin cluster. Take the mesh out of the joint hierarchy to fix.


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve fixed up my grouping now, but I’ve run into another issue.

I’m trying to use the root joint of my skeleton to translate my whole polygon model. When I do this though, the root joint just moves around and doesn’t affect the rest of the skeleton. How can I do this?


It seems that you have checked Preserve Child Transformation in the settings of you Move tool. Uncheck it and you should be fine.
you can also do that by holding w and pressing the LMB button to get the menu


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