Skeleton Chain-Gunner...


I don’t think (pretty sure) my skeleton gunner animation from the focused critique forum never popped-up here after it was closed and moved here…

so I’m linking it again and asking for direction on the motion… This is not some colored render just smooth shaded in LW’s preview (it can be scrubbed back and forth in LW cause thats what it was made from…)

I just want people to critique my motion… After I am happy with it I will move on to the render… This is striving for as realistic as possible so judge as so…

help me out so I can move on to the renders…



interesting. id like to see more shaking of the skeleton as the gun is being fired. the guy has no mass so he is really going to feel that. the object he is shooting at isnt moving, he should be moving the gun to follow the path of what he is shooting at. when he aims for the target he should overcompensate, pass it up and have to retrack to get the gun on target. the gun doesnt look heavy make the skeleton look like he is moving around this enormous weapon. laters.


Thats all correct!

I’ve tried the more intense shaking and I can’t finese it into looking cool… For some reason I think the heavy idea for the gun is the best…I’ve never thought of that! I’ll have to let my mind try to grasp how i’d want to do that for a coupla’days and this weekend i’ll be keying like a mad dog! Really interesting how I’ve never thought of that one… As far as the gun goes… well first off, there is a tripod that I hid cause I wanted to see his feet better… The gun has a new design now and I’m also re-working that tripod too… To be honest my minds thought of so many different type of setting to put this gut into that im lost… all I know is that I want it be at night time. I’m currently tweeking lighting crap and getting the base scene ready for the guy to live in… Here is the big problem… I did this in LW 5.6 way back and I’ve tweeked it further lately, the new lightwave does not have the old surface diffuse/surface fuzz shader in it so I’ll habe to do the gun-gas object in post to duplicate my old look which looked really good I think…Did you notice the breathing? I’ve been talking to some guys over at NT’s site about a spine setup that allows for this type of movment…

He does actually over shoot just a smigen and does move while he shoots but it obviously is’nt translating well to the viewer…

I really appreciate the time it took you to d/l, play, think, comment!

cool beans!

peace dude and happy rendering!


wow, that’s cool.
I agree with everything said here, the gun looks like it needs more weight, show a bit of aniticipation, and you should really go for exaggerating the overshoot when he targets it.
Have him laugh again too, it just looks really creepy when he does that!

good luck,



you could put the gun on some kind of pillar (sorry im french) cause it doesnt looks very believable for a weak skeleton to hold such a big gun!
Or maybe make some kinda rope around hes body so it can hold (like a guitar thing that holds it)

And you must absolutely shake it!

But a chaingun skeleton is a very nice idea :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, to make it shake, you could just make it shake one time then copy/paste the keys then put a layer on it so it have some motion while he shakes.


Thanx guys! - Just remembered I posted…

About the gun… There is a “tripod” but I hid it to examine movment of character… The shaking was hard… The guy’s actually moving forward when the gun kicks back… It used to be on/off each per frame and then I stretched it out to 2 back(on) and 1 forward (off) which helps the illusion greatly… The problem is gunfire on a gun like this is happening so quick… I figure at 30fps. I can only get 15 fires per second MAX… I’ve slowed it down to 10 per second to get the above timing… I may need to dwelve deeper into fractional frames in LW…At 10 RPS its only spitting out 600 RPM which is WAY too slow for a six-barreled vulcan cannon…Anyway thanx for the comments… I really was just fishing for data on my characters moves… Somebody told me it looked motion capture… Would you all ditto this opinion?

peace people


Hey, I added some randomness to my motions and shot a preview from the side to show the shaking from the gun more clear. I also turned up compression and pulled in the size of the Lightwave window to shrink size. It’s 4.18 megs now. Do you all think tweeking my rig a bit to accomidate the shoulders pivoting around the back along with the colarbones pivoting from the sternum? I should also state this would be for making the top-half of the guy move more to translate the shakiness to the viewer better… Those that have Lightwave can load it directly into there and chaneg the speed to 24 or 30… This was wrote @30 but I would like to know which looks better? This is not un-like where I am going to put him which will be lit with radiosity from the gun’s exploding gas. I really have not decided where I am going to put the moon so lighting is up in the air at this point.

I would appreciate your time and comments greatly.


I made some poses of him shooting at a downward target and an upward one… I just posed the gun (which moves the skeletons arms) and his hips and head with a little elbow tweekage to keep his arm out of his ribcage. Inverse Kinematics are just wicked, I can’t wait to get into Motion Designer which I havent played with yet…


Looking at some of these poses…

Expression… Enough? Not?

Should I make his jaw expressive and throw in some morphs to make it grin or whatnot?

I’m going to put him on his on diarama because I’m going to make him a young boy’s toy and he’s going to have a little friendly duel with the guy on the shelf below 'cause that guys wanting some top-shelf action too. I’ve finally got some direction in my mind’s eye now. I guess I’m going to scrap some other stuff I got and start laying out the shots on paper first before I commit to wasted motion like in the past…

I’m gunning for something now (no pun intended…LOL!)

Here is a link to a zipped Photoshop file that has all 20 poses on layers… Just tell me the ones that SUCK, thats easier than the other…:smiley: <— 2.5 megs

Happy Rendering


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