skecht box


hi guys add other fast paint in my breaktime 1 30min for done in photoshop
thanks people for comments


hi guys and people add the new image create in my breaktime 1hour in photoshop
thanks for comments and reply me

hi guys add a little video I explore the color theme and form in corel painter
i hope have more freetime for upload more videos thanks all :wave:


hi guys add more speed paintings in my free time(breaks)


just beautiful… keep the good work up. cool characters’ design


cisc0 many thanks for you opinion, I hope add more concept for here… thanks dude :buttrock:


hi guys add other sketch make in photoshop and 2 hrs for done … thanks for u opinions and comments


hi alls ok add other speed paint in my freetime.


luchtime for a speed paint


making speed paintin luch time thanks for watch





very nice sketchbook you have
love your colours and compositions
very nice concepts
also love these last picks
keep them coming


Hi alls and people posted in my thread for early years, my principal passion is making ilustrations, conceptual images this is my example of the hardwork and learning everyday.

thanks for comments and have nice draws! :slight_smile:

By jac3d at 2012-09-08

By jac3d at 2012-09-08




my daily sketching doomsday thanks for comments and happy draws


I just love how this piece execute itself with brush strokes and textures :wink:


ltken84 thanks dude for comment