skecht box


hi guys, add a bit paint , many thanks for you comments


Nice Jac3d!! I like the 1st piece in post #19 and the latest. Those artworks are done as if for a movie concept art!! Like it, keep going and bring up more stronger mood~!! Keep it up :thumbsup:


Your stuff is really neato, I really like that kind of foggy feeling in most of these. Something I would go for myself, really gives depth.
That “herof” really is something. :slight_smile:


thanks guys for comment my ideas, I hope update more more


Great works man! They look good and your edges are nice and clean where needed :slight_smile:

watch out for having too much black though as it hurts readability


many thanks for comment men and reply


hi guys
add other quick idea, the name marginal, many thanks for comments and reply me



hi guys add other speed paint 3 hours for done in corel painter, thanks for comments


Hey man last post has a lot of potential innit!
though I think that more value separation will help, to make it more 3d.
In general try to make every brushstroke count :wink:


thanks for comments matte, get well you comment

ok add other speed paint in the lunchTime 1 hour for making the quick sketch, thanks for comments


Hi Jac3d - I think you’re 2d work is full of expressionism and energy, I especially like your big boss concept. Some of the contrast seems too high, but I think this pic you painted has perfect contrast, rhythm and movement:

and your 3d work is awesome too! keep it up man


You have a terrific atmosphere and use of colour in most of your works. Really impressive; keep them coming!


many thanks dude for you opinion!!


I hope add more sketchs and more ideas here, thanks for comments and reply me


Your work is full of ambition, scope and impressive excecution, keep up the good work and Ill be keeping an eye on this thread^__^


hi dudes , thanks for comment and reply me add quick speed paint in 2 hours for done in my loved photoshop
I hope have more freen in my job for upload more quick ideas thanks …


hi guys add other idea, time for done 3 hours
thanks for comments


hi guys I have bit free time and working on in other speed paints thanks for comments :beer:


color exercise