skecht box


hi guys, open new section for upload my ideas, draws and speed paint… ++
thanks for comments


appearance of an infernal warrior, guardian of the labyrinth of the laments


Art fan



nice sketching, it is just for ideas? or plan to go ahead on a 3d pipeline

i like the colors and strong light of the first one


Nice paintings. Very atmospheric and dramatic. Are they intended for some particular project?

If I was to comment on anything it is that the choice of view on the pyro character makes him a little obscure. I don´t get a clear impression of what he is supposed to be doing (other than burning stuff obviusly). But thats just me being curious and wanting to know more.

On the technical side they all look great. I like the coloring and textures. I guess you´ve been using a lot of different brushes?


Vmarines, thanks for reply me, I like draw and paiting making that concept for create some things piece or scene in my free time, I like created concept for fun :love:

Obstfelder thanks for appreciate, well I created that skechts with one ar max two layer and use 3 favorit brush for make them.



other idea


wowww… lovely… really like your brush strokes… its very dynamic… and the color is wonderfull :slight_smile:


great for comment, I use photoshop cs3 and use custom brush and line tool is great trick for making rare forms


something very impressive!
I like your way of drawing forms and the atmosphere in these works!


Veroka many thanks for reply me!


add other speed skecht, made in 1hour aprox for find some ideas … thanks


I call this way speedpainting skecth to find the route to a concept sketch, nice


Fly!! thanks for coments


low cave, Hi guys, well add new speed paint concept, developed in 4 hours in photoshop
thanks for your comments


hi guys, add other speed matteP, create in photoshop aprox in 1:30 min .
thanks for comments



hi guys add more images and ideas , thanks for coments !!