SK arm moves when I switch between FK/IK (Maya)


I made a button that switches selection between IK and FK arm.
I then use the Blend_Color node to bind the IK/FK arms into the SK arm.

When I click the button to switch between IK and FK, the hand strangely moves around.
If I try to fix the SK wrist joint and align it properly into one mode, the wrist just moves in a different location when I switch to the other.


The problem is not clear… what is the button you have entitled.?
Are you trying to snap ik arm to fk arm or
You are switching the skin joint between ik or fk arm?
If your skin joint flips while switching between ik and fk joints, then the Orientation of fk joint and ik or including or all 3 is differedyour skin joint is different.
It’s good to setup ik arm with applying Polevector constraint and then duplicate it for fk and skin joint.
See my blog how to place a polevector to get a non flip ik fk switch